How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 with Step by Step Guidelines

You’ve been waiting all year for it, right? Now, you finally have the chance to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S8, but there’s one tiny problem: it’s a bit over your budget…

But this shouldn’t be such a big issue, since a lot of carriers already have it in their offers, so you decide to get it with a two-year contract. Indeed, the price is way better, but you’re also stuck with the same network for two years, which isn’t exactly the best scenario.

What happens if you want to travel and use a local SIM, in order to avoid roaming fees? Or if you find a better offer, from another carrier? It’s somehow impossible to do this things with an unlocked phone.

On the other side, nowadays you can easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8, using several methods, but there’s no doubt that unlocking it by code is by far the most popular option!

Yes, you can also do it by rooting your phone and flashing a custom firmware or asking your carrier to unlock your phone, but while the first requires proper technical knowledge and it’s also a bit risky, the latter can be done just after the phone is fully paid. Therefore, let’s stick to unlocking by code!

How to Unbox your Galaxy S8 phone


How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 with guidelines…

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Find an online code provider

Even though there are a lot of services able to offer you an unlock code for Samsung Galaxy S8, few of them are actually reliable. After some research, we’ve come across and, which seem to be the best choices you can make right now, according to the several positive reviews they’ve received from past clients!

2. Place your order

No matter which service you pick, you will see a dropdown menu on the front page, from which you need to select your phone model – Galaxy S8, in this case – then, after clicking on Unlock Now, you will see an order form.

Here, you need to provide a few details about your phone. To be more specific, we’re talking about:

  • The IMEI: You can find it by dialing *#06# and it’s very important to provide the correct one, since it’s required for generating the unlock code.
  • The country and the name of the network on which the phone is currently locked on. Be very careful when giving this detail, as a lot of people provide the name of the network on which they’re planning to use the phone instead!
  • A valid email address: Here you will receive the unlock code, as well as additional instructions.

After completing the form with everything that’s needed, proceed to payment.

By the way, if you prefer doing this directly from your smartphone, you can also try the UnlockScope app.

3. Insert the code

Shortly after placing the order, you will receive an email with your code, alongside additional instructions, so let’s see how you can actually unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8.

Insert a SIM from an unaccepted network in your phone and wait for it to display a message like “SIM Network Unlock PIN” or similar. You will also see a special field, where you should insert the code you received, using the keyboard. After this, hit the “Unlock” button and you should get the “Unlock successful” message.

And this is pretty much it, folks! Your Galaxy S8 is now unlocked and you can use it in any network around the world, whenever you want! And this isn’t the only advantage!

With an unlocked phone, you can avoid expensive roaming fees when travelling, by using a local SIM, not to mention that you will be able to sell it quicker and for a better price!

Keeping it short, you have tons of reasons to unlock your new Samsung Galaxy S8, so why not doing it right now?





2 responses to “How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 with Step by Step Guidelines”

  1. Catherine Avatar

    Very informative article on how to unlock Samsung. By the way ,i got a second hand Samsung S9 while i was in France but it was locked to SFR carrier. so i came a cross a good site so i got 2 codes NCK and freeze, my S9 was unlocked in no time,

  2. Mart Smith Avatar
    Mart Smith

    I did not really need this. But, I had the same problem with a phone of mine. And after learning that you can actually “unlock” your phone, I was hooked. I am currently learning about this kind of “method” with different phones.

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