WhatsApp Outs for Windows Phone 8; Goes Free for iOS for a Limited Time

In this rapidly growing technology, smartphone has become necessity. You might be owner of an incredible smartphone. Right? Well, if this is so, then you must be familiar with the popular cross-platform messaging app for smartphones. Yeah, you guessed it right! WhatsApp is what I am talking about. This is the fastest growing messaging service and is rapidly replacing the normal way of text messaging over mobiles. A recent survey shows that WhatsApp is affecting the mobile telecoms as the major part of their income comes from the SMS and due to the rapid on-going growth of WhatsApp, people are not showing interest to carry their conversation via SMS. Well, this is not any shocking point as who in this world likes to pay for a service, that he/she gets for free?

We sometimes heard that Facebook is interested in acquiring Whatsapp.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 is out now


As WhatsApp is available for all major mobile operating systems, it has now found its way for Windows Phone 8 as well. This popular messaging app is already available for Windows Phone 7.5, but has recently got released for new mobile operating system by Microsoft, the Windows Phone 8.

The version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 has been designed in partnership with Nokia. While the app promises to be packed with a plenty of features for Windows Phone 8, but the users are reporting that the Window Phone 8 version of this popular app lacks in many features.

WhatsApp got popularity because of its emoticons pack, and according to users this feature ,which made WhatsApp popular, is not a part in its Windows Phone 8 version. Along with many other features, the Windows Phone 8 versions lacks in fast resume from the live tile, which is common to see in Windows Phone 8 apps.

WhatsApp goes free for iOS for a limited time

Another update regarding the popular messaging app WhatsApp is that it goes free for iOS for a limited time. While the Android version of this app is free to download and there is yearly subscription plan; iOS users need to pay for this app in order to use it. If this is matter of concern for you, then it is a golden opportunity to grab this popular messaging app for your iOS device for free. The announcement regarding this was made on WhatsApp Twitter account, according to which, the app is made free as a manner of Christmas Gift for users. Here’s the tweet announcing it:

“Happy Holidays! WhatsApp for iPhone is free for a limited time. Tell your friends!”

The WhatsApp for iOS will be free for a limited time. Well, WhatsApp did not tweet anything notifying about that ‘Limited Time’ period. So one can’t say that how long it will be free. But yes, as this is Christmas Gift, so expect it to be free in the holiday season. The app is most likely to become paid from 25 December on wards.

Spam Messages rolling on WhatsApp

Spam messages always keep rolling on WhatsApp. A most recent spam message says you to  send this number “UR1994 KB1212 RJ1708 to 10 people. According to this spam message, WhatsApp will start charging for messages from the new year’s start, but by sending this message to 10 people, one can use the service for free of cost.

Not only this one, but many other spam messages have got rolled on WhatsApp till date. Most of the messages claim this service to become a paid one in anytime soon. As a smart user, just underestimate such messages. If you don’t, then such spam messages will keep hitting the WhatsApp in future as well.


10 responses to “WhatsApp Outs for Windows Phone 8; Goes Free for iOS for a Limited Time”

  1. Praveen Rajarao Avatar
    Praveen Rajarao

    Abhinav – I am using this app for my android device from a while now and it is indeed very easy to exchange pics/videos and also text msgs across the world.

    The only downfall of this would be the consumption of your data plan. It is huge and I ended up increasing my data plan to a higher band 🙂

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel


      You pay a lot for what you transfering? That’s bad of the Network providers 🙂

      This is one of the reason why I prefer Blackberry device to other phones.

      Thanks brother for your comment 🙂

  2. Jack Avatar

    I have been using this app for my smart phone and i keep this application turned on throughout the day but i still spend only few mega bytes per day.I have activated the 2 GB internet plan and it is for a quite affordable rate.Hence i enjoy using this app.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      They maker are just so considerate all round.

  3. Jannet Avatar

    I just love using this app because using this we can easily chat with all our friends that are using this app and only at the cost of our data plan.I think WhatsApp application will replace SMS.The best thing about this application is that we can easily share pics with our friends.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      WhatsApp is good. The best thing about it is that it is a cross platform messenger. Works on iOS, Android, Blackberry and now on Windows Phone, it connects everybody.

      1. Shaneali Mawji Avatar
        Shaneali Mawji

        I couldn’t agree with you more!

        I was so happy when they finally released it on WP8. I had switched form iOS and realized soon after that I could no longer communicate with my overseas friends as there was no What’s App on my phone. Thankfully this came out. Absolutely love it. Never really saw the lack of emoticons as a drawback as I personally don’t use them.

        1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

          Great, but soon, WhatsApp will go off when finally acquired by Facebook as I guess. But before then, can you add me on WhatsApp?

  4. bigone Avatar

    I noticed “wechat” on ios also very good.Everyone tried yet?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Not really but nice mentioning that. I will check

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