A Winning Game Plan for a New Real Estate Agent

As a newly licensed real estate agent, you need to make a game plan for success. The rental market is highly a competitive playing field, and you need to make your services stand up against agents who have been in the game for a long time. Getting established takes a lot of planning, marketing and outreach, and ongoing organizational habits that will equip you to handle a large volume of business. Here are some of the most important things you do to start on a successful path as a new agent.

6 Winning Strategies for New Real Estate Agents

1. Be Accessible

As someone who will constantly be on-the-go meeting with clients and going all over town for showings, you need to always be accessible when people are trying to reach you. You may understandably not want to give out your cell phone number or put it on all of your listings. Instead, get a business phone number that you can use on an app on your regular phone.

2. Create Great Listing Descriptions

When you write descriptions for your listings, you need to underscore a property’s best attributes in a way that’s going to be compelling to anyone who’s reading it. Avoid throwing in cliché phrases, especially when they’re not really true. For example, don’t call a unit “sunny” simply because it has windows, and don’t call a unit “spacious” simply because it isn’t a shoebox. Instead, focus on substantive qualities that will be sure to get attention. Highlight features such as large closets or an updated kitchen. Include information about proximity to desirable locations such as markets or public transportation.

3. Make Your Photos Stand Out

Photos will be a decisive factor for a lot of prospective renters who are deciding whether they’re interested in viewing a unit. Your unit photos need to be well-framed, showcase the best features, and downplay the less appealing qualities. You should use angles that amplify a unit’s physical space and try to create the best lighting possible. If a unit has a lot of natural lighting, finding a way to capture it in your photos; the time of day that you go may affect the quality of the lighting in your shots. If you want to show off a building’s exterior or the surrounding area, consider getting professional help with drone photography. You’ll be able to get one-of-a-kind shots that are especially eye-catching and make your listing stand out.

4. Connect With Prospective Clients on Social Media

An increasing number of people are searching for rental units on social media platforms. You can create an account dedicated exclusively to your listings and use attention-grabbing headings and hashtags to draw in interest. When you see that someone has liked or followed your material, try to engage the person in conversation to keep his or her interest piqued.

5. Outsource Your Posting Efforts

When you list a property or post about it on social media, you have to put it on more than one or two platforms. Moreover, you may have to post it more than just once on some sites so it will stay towards the top of a huge line of listings. Overall, it can be kind of time-consuming and your time may be better spent on other tasks. You might benefit from outsourcing your marketing to someone who can help you keep your posts current remotely. People who you can outsource this work to typically charge by the hour, and it’s relatively inexpensive when you consider what your time as an agent is worth.

6. Qualify Your Clients

You want to be doing showings with people who are ready and able to rent that same day. You don’t want to be taking people sightseeing when they’re on the fence about whether or not they’re ready to rent or what area they want to live in. Qualify your clients with some targeted questions so you don’t end up wasting time with folks who aren’t really interested and may just want to get a sense of the market.

Managing your time well and presenting your listings strategically can help you generate a fantastic volume of business. Success won’t come overnight, but a good game plan and a strong work ethic will help you find your footing as a new agent.


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