Over 100,000 iPhone 5 Units has been preordered on China Unicom

Apple announced at the end of November that the iPhone 5 will be heading to China for sale by December 14, preorders were opened on the online and retail Apple stores. Other authorized dealers were also given priority to open up preorders; such is that of China Unicom. Just on the first day of pre-order, Unicom announced that it had received over 100,000 iPhone 5 pre-order. It seems the China audience had been eagerly waiting to magnet the device on arrival, Sina Tech released the report. Some other China carrier such as China Telecom speculated that it had received more than 5,000 units of the iPhone 5 preorder.

Apple iPhone 5

Heavy iPhone 5 preorder in China

It was just last week that Apple made the announcement that the iPhone 5 will be available in China as well as other 50 countries that includes; Brazil, Taiwan and Russia on December 14. Two weeks after the September launch, Apple had only made the iPhone 5 available in 47 countries including UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the rest.

Apple iPhone 5

This will be the quickest release of Apple product in China, for example during the debut of the iPhone 4S last year, not until January 13 this year before smartphone could get to China, the Chinese audience had to wait for 3 month to get the product in their hands. When IDC research group was releasing their report at the end of the second quarter, they pointed out that Apple shares of the smartphone market had been slashed to half which is 10 percent during the second quarter, and this was as a result of Apple lateness in getting their product into the country, rivals like Lenovo seizes the opportunity to present some cool products to the Chinese audience. The Lenovo product has been predicted to take up the number one position by 2014 in the China smartphone market. The Android powered Lenovo LePhone is pulling crowed due to its strong branding, affordability and nationwide availability; it could be bought by the middle class unlike the Apple iPhone 5 that will take 80 percent of your monthly salary.

Although, Apple remains standing in opportunities when it comes to the Chinese market, as CEO Tim Cook was making calls about the Apple Q4 earnings, the full fiscal year earnings in China was $23.8 billion, increasing by $10 billion year by year. China is said to be one of the greatest consumers of the iPhone, checking record, the altogether sales in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau had raised to 38 percent.

Despite the flaws observe in one of the major new product on the iPhone 5, the Apple maps, and the device is still selling fast. The iPhone 5 had sold over 5 million units in just 3 days of release, and the market now keeps opening, a new we got told us that the iPhone 5 will be entering Africa and will be landing first in South Africa.

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  1. Frankly speaking i’m not to surprised to hear these things especially when is about China Country. The country is huge, with huge population, and really people love Apple. Thanks a lot for this informative article.


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