Apple To Become First 1 trillion co., and the Myth about iPanel

Steve Jobs‘s ghost comes out of grave to save the Earth on doomsday, well if the man can turn an almost out of Business company into world’s first 1 trillion business estate, he can do anything. There was a frenzy in the media after a Wall Street analyst declared that Apple’s share will touch the magic mark of $1000 mark in 2012, making the company’s worth around 1 Trillion Dollar. While it may be a rough estimation, but it is no denying the fact that, if ever there was a company who has the potential to reach 1 Trillion mark,it is Apple. The world is quite obsessed with every gadgetassociated with Apple, be it it’s phone, pad, pod, add i in front of them and they become a class in their own, in view of consumer, and with Apple also considering to enter into field of Television , expect to experience a new level of dominance.

The current value of Apple’s share is $633 and the Co. is valued around $590.82 billion, we can talk of potential of Apple because it was just last year when the co. based in Cupertino, California, was having it’s share valued at only $341, but in just over 1 year it has almost doubled it’s profit, with CEO Tim Cook also revealing in Jan that in the past fiscal year iPad and iPhone experienced record number of sales In January, Apple revealed it made $13.06 billion in 2011, compared with $6 billion for the same quarter in 2010.Tim Cook stating his joy said, “We could have sold more if we’d had more supply. We could not be happier.”
Whether Apple will achieve the feat is a thing of future, but for the present, to maintain it’s status quo, it needs to come out with a solid 5th generation iPhone expected to be launched this year. There also have been rumors lately of a television device by Apple which could be possibly called iPanel which is expected to be the next best thing in the world of technology. The rumors were fueled by research note from a Jefferies analyst Peter Misek “We now believe the iTV could be called “iPanel” as it is far more than a TV; it is a display, gaming center, media hub, computer, home automator, etc. Also, Apple would likely have difficulty getting naming rights from the UK TV network ITV.”
Foxconn, the Apple manufacturer at the centre of the recent workplace abuse scandal, also recently bought an 11 per cent stake in LCD display maker, Sharp Corp, which can be seen as another indication of Apple entering into the TV Business, although it’s first experience, a Set Top Box called Apple TV has not been a very successive one.
Even Tim Cook himself has suggested so  “Apple doesn’t do hobbies as a general rule, the company always thought there was something there, and that if we kept following our intuition and kept pulling that string, we might find something larger”.
The proposed iPanel may be released later this year and may possess features like, Acessing iTunes store and live streaming,wi-fi connectivity, voice navigation etc.
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  1. It is scary to see how much money such a company costs. 1 trillion.. This is crazy, considering the fact that Microsoft was a leader for such a long time.. Steve Jobs did a great job and Tim Cook is doing even better

  2. Steve Jobs body is buried but his soul continues to be at APPLE. A legend will make every thing around him legendary and thats what he has done to apple made it into a legendary company.

  3. $1000 mark in 2012, making the company’s worth around 1 Trillion Dollar . so good apple is boos of gadget market . very helpful post.
    thanks 🙂

  4. Slavery is indeed a very profitable activity, there’s nothing ethical on paying a few dollars to chinese workers that cant leave the city factory and stay working for hours on end…..That how big companies get rich, always the same

  5. Apple might become the first listed trillion dollar company. Saudi Aramco is rumored to be worth over a dozen Apples.


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