Will Apple iPhone 5S release before Samsung Galaxy S IV?

Just last September, Apple dropped the iPhone 5 to market, and immediately, the cloud started getting rumors that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5S early next year, as at now, the rumor is becoming more stronger, could it be because of the rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 coming with an AMOLED display panel around May next year?

Apple iphone 5s

Apple iPhone 5S may be releasing sooner than expected

Looking back into recent history, the iPhone 4 got released in the summer of 2010, Apple may want to get into market with the iPhone 5S ahead of Samsung and get the device released at summer and wouldn’t have to wait till September just like it happened to the iPhone 5.

Apple equipped the iPhone 5 with the 4G LTE data connectivity as well as a bigger and improved display at 4″ unlike the iPhone 4S predecessor at 3.5″, another marked upgrade is also a migration into the iOS 6. Nothing much to be expected on the iPhone 5S except that Apple may decide to go into bigger screen and probably a completely new design. The iPhone 5 was admired and embraced, except for the iOS 6 map flaw.

Its only through these means we can get information, as you know Apple is secretive when it comes to making new devices, and most especially in the line of its iPhone.

The rumor is just only that Apple will be releasing iPhone 5S early next year, but any of its features is never mentioned unlike we have it for the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Apple may stick with the iPhone 5 4″ display or may want to change, but not expecting something lesser, and probably, let’s expect it to come with the new OS that may be Apple iOS 7 at the rumored summer release.

Apple loyalist customers are already celebrating the iPhone 5S as early as now, they hope it won’t be a tweaked iPhone 5.

Are you an Apple iPhone freak? How eager are you to have the coming iPhone 5S?

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9 responses to “Will Apple iPhone 5S release before Samsung Galaxy S IV?”

  1. Suzzane Avatar

    Yeah,I think that Apple iPhone 5s will release earlier than Samsung Galaxy S IV. And i like Apple more than Samsung.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      I agree with you, but not 100%, this is a issue of competition, Samsung does it faster, while Apple always take its time, but there might be a turnaround. Lets wait till next year. thanks for taking your time here.

  2. Anchit Shethia Avatar
    Anchit Shethia

    There has been a debate going on. s3 was launch before iPhone 5 so samsung has a good amt of gap between the launches. i guess s4 will launch before 5s to gain the competition.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Well, nobody can say the level of Apple’s preparation, they might shock everyone, but till next year, lets see how it goes.
      Thanks for reading my piece.

  3. Peter Avatar

    Who even wants an I phone 5S to release? I am fed up with these Iphone launches. Iphone is so much not better than other phones. There is a wide variety of mobile phones as well as smart phones available in the market with similar features and comparably a lesser price. Apple is being over hyped.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Yet so many are freaky about Apple, thanks for reading this piece.

  4. Sekhar Reddy Avatar
    Sekhar Reddy

    Thanks for sharing great article about apple iphone5s and Samsung Galaxy .This is very useful information for users who are looking for shop at online. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  5. Biku Barat Avatar
    Biku Barat

    You know it is pretty difficult for any smartphone maker to bring something surprisingly new. The big boys are searching for new features to add to their next mobiles and it seems a pretty tough job. You know innovation is the key. Apple iPhone 5S vs the new Samsung Galaxy model will, I hope, bring something shockingly new technology into the smartphone world. We are waiting for this to happen.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Yea Barat, we eagerly wait, I think the era is driving towards offering a mobile computer, that is what further upgrades will be. Thanks for being here.

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