Top 10 Best Buy’s Black Friday Deals


As usual every year, it’s another season to celebrate the year customer Friday with a cut in price. Most of the gadgets sellers has chosen November 23 for Black Friday. Best Buy is one of the big players in the gadget vendor industry, in some hours time, the door will be opened for the Black Friday offer. On the website of the store are already flyers for the product that will be going for a slash.

If you will be buying a holiday gift for your friends or family, it is not too early to utilize the Black Friday.

Sometimes, we have the list of most preferred wants while other times, we buy things based on the price they are offered. Most of the items that received favor for the Black Friday on BestBuy includes; Camera and computers, but other gadgets are also present that will entice you. The flyers do not carry some of the prices on offers, but while surfing the website, we picked out some deals from this year’s Black Friday on Best Buy.

Best Buy Black Friday offer

Top 10 Best Buy Black Friday Deals

Samsung Laptop

Best Buy Black Friday offer

There is a 15.6″ Samsung laptop with 500GB hard drive, features a 6-cell Li-Ion battery. If you purchas this laptop on the Best Buy Black Friday, you will save $225 and buy it for $349.95.

Sony Playstation 8 Bundle

Best Buy Black Friday offer

The Sony Playstation has a wireless controller, with 250 GB space. You can see the slash price on the board.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Best Buy Black Friday offer

The 8GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0, color white goes down of $70 for this Black Friday, now you can get one for just, $179.99.

Canon PowerShot Camera

Best Buy Black Friday offer

The camera is discounted at $60; this digital camera called Canon Powershot A2300 has a power of 16 mega pixel.

Logitech Remote

Best Buy Black Friday offer

You will be saving up to 50% if you purchase the Logitech Harmony 650 5 universal remote this Black Friday, the new price will just be $39.99 instead of the original $70.

Roku HD Streaming Player

Best Buy Black Friday offer

The Roku streaming player brings high definition TV shows, movies and more with over 700 channels, among which are NetFlix, Hulu plus and others. You buy it for $39.99 this Friday.

Dell Widescreen Monitor

Best Buy Black Friday offer

You will almost be saving a half of the original price if you buy this 23″ widescreen flat panel LED HD monitor on the Black Friday.

HP ENVY Laptop

Best Buy Black Friday offer

This is a very powerful machine that originally goes for $699.99, but for the sale of the Black Friday, Best Buy is giving you a 29% price slash, now it sells for $499.99 for the next 24 hours.

Rocketfish iPad Case

Best Buy Black Friday offer

The Rocketfish MY WAY Nylon Case is for the iPad 2 and the 3rd generation iPad, this is almost a giveaway, it retails at $29, but you can save $22 this Black Friday, and you buy one for just $7.99 courtesy of Best Buy.


Best Buy Black Friday offer

This is a GPS system, called Garmin nuvi 50LM; Best Buy is offering you a savings of $70, while you just pay $99.99 to get one.

Which of this list is already on you budget? Feel free to let us know which gadget freaks you the most.


  1. i went through many blogs to find best black friday deals and i saw only some coupon codes and site addresses. But this post really helped me in finding out the best deals. But I felt the post is missing links to the stores where we will get the deal.

    • Sorry for that, next time, we will hit you with links, but Best Buy store site offers you a search, was thinking everybody would know.


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