Best Car Apps, In-Vehicle Apps For Android and iOS Smartphones

The evolution of technology these days is to such a point that the thought of making our imagination real is becoming more and more rampant. Let’s take the examples of car apps or in-vehicle apps.

Five years ago, each of us used to get angry over the open potholes on roads. Sometimes, we use to damage our vehicles while riding over such potholes.

However, would you believe me if I say I use an app on my iPhone which tells me 300mts before that on the way ahead there is an open pothole?

No, your first expression is extreme no!

It is impossible for you to digest the fact that there exist such apps. Several people in the USA are using car apps, in-vehicle apps for Android and iOS smartphones. There exist such apps which indeed acts as the essence of your two-wheelers.

There are car apps which helps you in finding your next car, rent a car, find a most efficient route, cheap fuel stations, etc. on your phone in the car.

These new mobile application development technology integrable with your four-wheelers is being used by many in the USA.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to look at the few typical iPhone and Android apps that are available for your cars. The list is long; you can byheart everything about all the new car apps of 2019!

Let’s take a look at the car apps that functions on both iOS and Android can be easily found on the App Store and Google Play.

Top Car Apps and In-car flexing applications for Android & iOS Smartphones

In-vehicle experience: Top car apps and In-car apps for exciting driving experience.
Bored while driving your car? Download these top car apps and in-car apps for an instant upgrade on your overall in-vehicle driving experience while saving money at the same time.

Waze: GPS Navigation App

Nobody likes to spend their time in the city traffic, but Waze app releases this stress. With the integrated GPS navigation function, Waze gives you alerts on traffic, police, roadblocks, and road hazards.

Also, this features the community marking system, where you can notify the exact location to the people about such road hindrances.Waze - GPS Navigation App

Radarbot: Keeps You Positively In Cameras Radar

Radarbot is the only app which mixes live alerts and accurate speed camera detection via GPS. This is the best app that stops you from over speeding, maybe that’s why it’s a legal app.

The sounds and vibrations warn you from worst traffic zones, traffic light cameras, speed cameras, tunnel cameras, and many more. Radarbot app amounts to 2 million drivers worldwide on Android and iOS platforms.Radarbot Keeps You Positively In Cameras Radar

GasBuddy: Know Your Nearest Gas Station

GasBuddy simply helps you to save money and time as it gives you the location of cheap gas stations. By using the search filters, you can also locate restaurants, restrooms, supermart at highways.

If you are planning for a long weekend drive, then install this app, use it!

The app is high-tech and keeps a check on your driving habits with the help of your phone’s motion detection sensor and your car’s fuel efficiency.GasBuddy - Know Your Nearest Gas Station Germany’s Car Supermart

This app is an online vehicle market for used cars, trucks, bikes, motor homes, and other vehicles. With more than a million vehicles two-wheeler and four-wheeler on its database, this app helps you indirectly contacting the seller. Meet him, take a test drive, and decide whether you want to buy your chosen vehicle or not. - Germany's Car Supermart

FIXD: Your Guide To Car Mechanics

If you face difficulty in understanding your car mechanic, then FIXD app translate your car’s every issue into plain, understandable English text. Also, the app is potential enough to schedule reminders on car maintenance and oil change via time-to-time automatic alerts. FIXD - Your Guide To Car Mechanics

Parker: Finds Free Parking Spot

Parker is not the Peter of any church, but simply is an app which finds out the free parking spots inside a parking lot or garages via GPS.

The app can also offer payment options. However, there’s a drawback because this app is being used only in selected places, like Los Angeles, Washington, Hollywood, or Vancouver.Parker - Finds Free Parking Spot

EOBD Facile: Car Diagnose App

EOBD Facile helps to diagnose your car with the smartphone or tablet. It seems shocking to you, but it actually is happening with car companies like BMW, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, etc. There is a complete mechanism to diagnose your car. First, connect an ELM327 device to the OBD2 port in your car and then run the EOBD Facile app in your phone. 

You will get the reports on engine and gearbox. If there are some problems, then you get fault codes (aka DTCs). Also, the app measure and rates your car speed, spark timing, engine speed, torque, and inlet air quantity.EOBD Facile - Car Diagnose App

PlugShare: Go Green With Your Cars

If you have an electric car, then PlugShare is a must app in your iOS and Android smartphone. This app permits you to charge the electric car from the available 140,000 public charging stations of Europe and North America.

The stations also include Tesla’s Supercharger network, Endesa, ChargePoint, Clever, Blink, and Enel. Become a green car owner, download PlugShare, and use the supercharger network.PlugShare - Go Green With Your Cars

HUD Widgets: Driver Assist App

HUD Widgets assist drivers with speedometers, weather, trip info, and eco-driving data directly in your iOS and Android phone. It has turned out to be the best driver assistant app around the world. 

You must have it!

These are the few best car apps of modern times which you can access from any phone, iOS, or Android. These car apps take care of your cars, your driving habits, and also put out the road map between one destination to another destination.HUD Widgets - Driver Assist App

Are you still shocked and doesn’t believe that such apps for our cars at our phones exist?

If your answer is no, and you plan on to making apps for cars apart from all these, then don’t forget to add your valuable ideas in the comment section below. 

Moreover, if you have an out of box idea, then contact your nearest app development company. Furthermore, hire iOS developers and create your own iOS car apps. 

You don’t have to feel bored while driving again because these best car apps and in-car apps will give you a whole new kind of driving experience. And you will love yourself for taking the initiative.


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