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iTunes 11 finally announced by Apple, packed great features

iTunes 11 showcased with new features from the staple of Apple 

Finally, the much awaited iTune 11 has found its way and it’s a great matter of joy for the iOS users. Lots of rumors were hitting the web daily, about the new features, release date etc. In the month of October, Apple officially announced that iTunes 11 would be released with a one-month delay. From then, Apple fans were eagerly waiting for it. So as the iTunes 11 is there, you may be curious to know the new features in it. You might be curious that whether the new iTunes 11 has got features that you were expecting, it to have. Let’s have a look at the best features in iTunes 11.

Redesigned Interface

iTunes 11


This is something awesome. If you are not happy with the look of iTunes, then you are surely going to change your mind after using iTunes 11. The library sidebar is no more. This change has resulted in the saving of useful space, on which you can see content now. So more content and thus more informative is the interface now.


Really, iTunes have never been so fast as the new iTunes 11 is. Speed is one of best features that iTunes 11 has come with. Do anything you want, at rapid speed. Believe me, if you don’t like to open iTunes 11 just because of slow processing, then iTunes 11 will change your mind.

Preview History Feature 

If you have ever used the previous iTunes, then you must have suffered from the situation when you previewed one or more songs, liked them a lot, made your mind to buy them, but then forgot where the songs were located. Don’t worry, this is not gonna happen with iTunes 11. The reason is ‘Preview History’ features in it. Do anything, click anything, browse anything; iTunes 11 will save all of your movements. You can access the history by clicking the ‘Preview History’. Indeed a useful feature.

iCloud Integration 

One of the most talked features of iTune 11 is its integration with iCloud and this actually is good feature. So now, if you are listening to the songs that you own and want to see the rest of songs of that particular album, you don’t need to go to the iTunes Store as these songs’ titles appear in your Library itself.  So need to compromise with your music experience for the shopping experience. While, on one side, this is great feature for music lovers, Apple is also expecting to have increment in the sales graph.

Cloud Bookmarking 

Were playing your favorite song or movie in iTunes 11 and had to pause it for some reasons? Now you can start the track from where you left, on another device. So a whole new amazing experience of enjoying media. The Cloud Bookmarking feature in the iTunes 11 is same as Apple uses with iBooks and Safari.

Up Next

Already clear in the mind that what you want to play after the current track will end? No need to create playlist now as Up Next feature allows you to add the track immediately, without building a list. This track will automatically start, once the current one ends.

Mini Player is Redesigned 

Though this is a minor change in the iTunes 11, but useful for those, who use the Mini Player. Now you can search for the tracks, using the search feature in the Mini Player itself. Moreover, you can manage the ‘Up Next’ tracks, without opening the app.

A plenty of other minor updates in the iTunes 11, but here I listed the best ones. So are you happy with what Apple has gifted you in iTunes 11. Are you going to download the same?

Do throw your views in the comment section below!


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