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Computer Virus Symptoms: 7 Pointers Your PC Engineer & Virus Programmers Wouldn’t Want You to Know About

Computer virus symptoms are flexible, encompassing a range of conditions and circumstances. Just like with any human virus, they evolve, alter, with time, which when you factor in computer technology, may only mean weeks or months. Some computer virus symptoms may appear, but not necessarily be an infection, just as someone constantly sneezing, may not have the flu, it could simply be an allergic reaction to something. This reigns true for computers, if your computer isn’t running as fast as it once did, then it could be the result of a virus, but it may also be the result of an over clogged system, one with far too many applications on it, and many of which are running at the same time.

With all of that said, let’s take a look at just some of the common computer virus symptoms that you should be on the lookout for when determining whether or not your computer or computer network has been infected with a malicious file.

If you read one article about computer virus detection before today, you must read this one to be well informed. In this article, we bring you the unconventional guide to spotting irregularities in your computer with seven pointers to identifying possible computer virus symptoms and threats they pose.

These 7 Computer Virus Symptoms Will Make You Question Everything On Your Device

Computer Virus Symptoms Warnings
Here’s why having a deeper knowledge about these computer virus symptoms will make you question everything about your computer performance in order to keep it at top speed always.

1. Slow System Performance

If you’ve noticed over time, certain actions taking much longer than they once did, then that may be cause for concern. However, you must take into account the specific application and files being accessed, such as the opening of a PDF document may take some time to load, simply because of its large size, which is normal and in no way alludes to a virus.

However, there are those viruses that are capable of replicating, effectively filling up your hard drive space and system resources. In other cases, when browsing through your folders, you may notice it taking much longer than usual, with certain programs taking almost twice as long to load up, all of these are positive signs of a virus.

2. Random System Crashing

If your computer crashes randomly, that should ring alarm bells. After your computer boots back up, you may notice that it’s not running like it was before the crash. If your computer restarts randomly, by itself, then there is a good chance it has been infected with a virus. If your computer constantly restarts, it may be a good idea for you to call in a specialist. 

Random System crashing

3. Missing Files

Another big sign that your computer has been infected with a virus is when your files start to disappear. Your programs refuse to load up, because certain files it requires are no longer present on your computer. If, when attempting to retrieve these missing files, you find that they are no longer present, anywhere, on your system that is a good sign. Missing files is probably one of the worst computer virus symptoms an end user can experience.

Where are my files? Missing files are part of the symptoms of computer virus
One of the major functions of computer worms is to eat up files and folders with no regards to what the outcome of those files would be. Missing files are part of the symptoms of computer virus.

4. Unsolicited Pop-Ups

If surfing the internet is no longer as pleasant an experience due to loads of unsolicited ads appearing on your desktop, then there is a good chance that your computer has been infected. The virus has likely hijacked your internet browser.

Unsolicited Pop-ups
When you begin to tolerate unnecessary and unsolicited contents popping up on your computer screen, you are already opening the door by yourself for uninvited guests to come in.

5. Unable To Access Antivirus Websites

If a virus has taken hold of your computer, in some cases, it may prevent you from accessing antivirus sites. The browser is one of the main programs that these viruses are designed to attack, all of which leave an imprint on your surfing experience. At times you may be shown a random error, while in other cases, you’ll be redirected to a different website; these are just some of the many computer virus symptoms you could encounter.

Unable To Access Antivirus Websites
Your computer web browsers are the primary target of virus programmers. In most cases, these browser pop ups error messages to compel the user to do certain things. And in some other cases, it prevents you from accessing certain websites especially when the computer is already under the siege of these worms.

6. Unusual Error Messages

This encompasses a large range of error messages, many of which you may never have seen before. You need to apply the appropriate attention to those error messages that disguise themselves as antivirus warning messages. These messages are designed to fool you into thinking your system is at risk, so that you will click on the ad and download the software (which is a virus) they are peddling. Sometimes, that’s the end users first encounter, while in others, their system may already be infected, and that error message is a result of the infection.

Unusual Error Messages
To be on the safer side, you need to apply proper attention to how you handle unfamiliar computer error messages. It has been proven that most of these errors aren’t exactly what they seems to be like. Be very careful so you won’t end up creating unnecessary problems.

7. Printer Problems

If you are unable to print your document properly or unable to print at all, then there is a chance you’re dealing with a malicious file. First, let’s assume your printer is turned on. Next, you want to ensure it is properly connected to your network (if you have one) and that it’s online. If your computer is both turned on, and configured correctly, and you still have problems with it, then there is a strong chance a malicious file has gotten onto your system, and corrupted files integral to your printer.

It’s important you do your utmost to ensure your computer doesn’t become more vulnerable as a result of your actions, and the actions of the malicious file to propagate around your computer system.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye
Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website, CompuChenna. You can visit his website here www.compuchenna.co.uk.

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