Internet Marketing Goldmine Revealed: The Cool Hunting Is For Everyone and Here’s why you must start now!

Internet Marketing slang “Cool Hunting” is for you, read on

The “cool hunt” is the hunt that marketers and professionals do to stay on top of trends and to keep in touch with what the contemporary youth of any given time or culture find “cool.” People who specialize in this area are called “cool hunters” and they focus primarily upon things like Street style, and intuiting what is going to be popular or trendy in the future.

Why Cool Hunting?

Cool Hunters on ranpage with cool geeky car

As an affiliate marketer, it is up to you to be your own cool hunter. If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to figure out which products and services are going to be the most needed and coveted by “the cool kids” in future months or even years. Remember, right now the “cool kids” are also called “hipsters,” an annoying breed of human who assures anybody who will listen that he (or she) was over whatever trend is currently popular before anybody else knew about it.

Embrace Social Media for Fruitful Cool Hunting Career

The best way to be your own cool hunter is to embrace social media, Twitter in particular. Twitter makes it possible to see which conversational topics are popular in any given moment. You simply have to visit the website and see which topics are “trending,” click on them and see what people are saying. You can also use the service to search for your keywords or product name and see what’s being said about it in real time.

Pinterest is another good source of social media that affiliate marketers need to embrace. You can research certain products or topics within Pinterest and see who has pinned websites, products, articles, etc within your chosen field. If there are people who have lots of followers, make sure to explore the other boards that they have created. Perhaps there are other opportunities for affiliate marketing there!Cool Hunt Marketing strategy for success

Another important part of “cool hunting” is not just figuring out what is currently trendy and popular. It’s about figuring out what is going to be cool in the future. This is where, if you are creative, you can give yourself quite an edge. Instead of figuring out what’s going to be cool and positioning your business to be a part of that specific trend, find a way to position whatever it is you are selling as the next big thing!

Again, this is where social media can really help you. You can use your own followers to start spreading the message and pinning your pages. If you are creative, before long, all of those hipsters we talked about before will be insisting that they knew all about you and were totally over you years ago.





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