Droid RAZR Software Update with v6.11.747.XT912 rolling out Soon by Verizon


Droid RAZR Software Update with v6.11.747.XT912

Good news, there is a software update for the Motorola Droid RAZR! The Motorola build XT912 is the current most popular series and it is available. Few days from now, HTC Thunderbolt was reported to have gotten new system software updated with v2.11.05.9 from my friend’s blog, TechCular by Verizon Wireless.

With this new update, your Motorola Droid RAZR will now start working extra-better than how it was before due to this new update that have been released for U.S Droid users – but this is only available for US users.

Verizon Droid razr system update v6.11.747.XT912

There are changes that you’ll find interesting and useful in this new update; it has got new enhancements and features that have been added to it to make it even better than the previous software.

This new update was brought to you by Verizon Wireless and Motorola, and the update can be downloaded via USB or WiFi (which will be provided to you soon by Verizon) and those are below:

Device Features –

  • Before, users normally face SIM Error whenever they picked their phones and now, that problem has been resolved finally
  • The camera quality has been improved as well.
  • Another development is the Menu access, Phone Dialer, Browser, Video playback and music player –  to avoid Force close errors and lockups that normally occurs.

Messaging, Email & Data –

  • Newly improved group messaging notifications
  • 3G/4G data connectivity enhanced

To download this update for your phone, it will take you about 20-45 minutes and that will depend on the network conditions in your area. Once you’re done with the download of this software, you can then install the update on your phone. The installation process will take about 5-10 minutes or more.

Note: That when you are downloading the update, you mustn’t call or attempt to receive any call from outside – the phone must be released during that time for that purpose only. If you do make or receive calls during the downloading and installation process, the update will be restarted and you’ll have to start everything from the stage one – downloading and others.


The Motorola DROID RAZR HD has just been released – so be expecting our complementary review on it soon 🙂

[source Verizon]


  1. The update is started rolling out and soon you will get the notification regarding system update is available. Once notify Tap Download to begin. Tap Install now after completing download you will get a confirmation on the screen that your install was successful, then tap OK.

    If you want to search manually for an upgrade on your device go to the Home screen, tap the Menu Key > tap Settings > About phone > System updates > Download. Once the download has completed, tap Install now, you will get a confirmation on the screen that your install was successful, then tap OK………


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