How to make Free Internet Phone Calls – Step by Step Guide with Free Resources

We are in the jet age, the computer and the information technology age. One of the things that foster good living is communication. Families, businesses, individuals can’t do without making contacts. We depend on each other to survive.

One of the major growing sectors on the internet today is communication. Apart from the fact that most social networks are developing and growing the live chat platform for their users, they are also looking into the direction free internet phone calls.

When you talk about VoIP calls, Skype has made its way to the top, but now, a lot of companies are springing up with their innovations making it possible to make free internet phone calls.

Some websites I came across while making this research gives few minutes daily for free internet phone calls while some completely mark out some countries, if you are calling into them, it will be a toll free internet phone call, but only landlines, I saw it, you cannot call any mobile anywhere in this world free for now, maybe later.

While I surf and surf, I saw few software that can allow you make calls to both mobile and landline completely free, but unfortunately, only the US and Canada directories are favored.

Here are 3 programs for free internet phone calls for free internet phone calls Google Voice

I have knew Google Voice to offer the free internet phone calls service since late 2011, then it can be rate the best. It allows you to make calls for PC to phone and also from PC to PC using the Google Talk browser plugin.

Apart from making free internet phone calls, you can intelligently route incoming calls to your free phone number issued to you by Google to any other phone number you use. Google Voice also gives free SMS conference calling, and free voice mail services.

As I said earlier, your call directories must be to the US or Canada.

Google Voice can be accessed as a web app on any browser even on mobile browsers, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone has their dedicated app.

Google Voice has limited free internet phone calls to three hours, but you can continually call the same number over and over again for free.

2.  iCalliCall for free internet phone calls

iCall offers you a free software which you can use to make free internet phone calls from PC to phone.

You can make call from any computer on the planet, but the directory must be only to US or Canada.

You can download iCall by version of PC operating system, Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, the iPhone app is also available for iOS users. The call will keep on disconnecting every 5 minutes, but you can call back over and over again for as many times as you want. A ten second advert will run before any of your calls gets through.

iCall has a flash version on the web, but this will limit you to three minutes.

3.everphone for free internet phone calls EvaPhone

EvaPhone has a flash-based platform on the web, it allows you to make free internet phone calls (PC to phone) but the talk time is incredibly short.

With EvaPhone, you can call nearly any phone number in the world free of charge, but the length ranges from ten seconds to one minute depending on your destination. It also limits you to just two calls per day.

A short video advert runs on EvaPhone for you to watch before your call gets through, it displays for you a short timer, so you know when you time is up.

EvaPhone might not be the best way to make free internet phone calls, but whenever you just need to pass an information to someone fast and don’t want to pay for call and you also want to dodge downloading software, this website is just perfect.

These are just few reliable ways of making free internet phone calls. However, there are other programs, a lot of them on the internet with different conditions.

Feel free to give us a comment if you have ever tried this program or any other.






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  1. Murdo Guy Avatar
    Murdo Guy

    Hey I didn’t know ’bout this! Have been spending a huge sum communicating with offshore employees for my site Belfast Skip Hire whenever they’re offline. Thanks for this.

  2. rabwah pizza Avatar
    rabwah pizza

    This is an interesting and helpful topic.

  3. Simon George Avatar

    Well Communication is a must and playing an major role in human’s live now a days. There are many free sources available for sending SMS for free, but finally i got best 3 ways to make free calls online. Thanks for Sharing bro….

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Welcome Simon.

  4. Sarvesh Darak Avatar

    Wow awesome post,

    I didn’t know about evaphone free internet phone calls, the post is really helpful to try new way for calling.


    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      You are welcome Sarvesh. But only that evaphone has got a lot of limitations.

  5. nazia Avatar

    Its really amazing going to make a call very thanks buddy for providing this tip

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Welcome Nazia.

  6. Bam Avatar

    Waw ! This things are realy working! Thanks for sharing that with us! I’m going to call everybody 🙂 !

  7. Ilham Avatar

    Thank you for these apps. Whats the difference between theses apps and Viber?

  8. Nina Avatar

    Why have you not included the apps like Viber, WeChat and Tango ?

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      I already wrote that there are so much of these apps on the internet. I know Viber and Tango. I thinks they are also good. I will check WeChat some of these days.

      Thanks for the contribution Nina.

  9. Olawale Daniel Avatar

    Thank you for commenting here

  10. Jerry Avatar

    I have know some ways to making internet free calling but thanks for sharing this information because now I have some more option for call free on internet. So thanks for this information.

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