Instant Google Street view, a new innovative service to expect from Google

Google is an household name, when you hear, ‘Search,’ thinks about Google, the history is going from online to offline reality, Google started to help you navigate and fish out hidden information you may be seeking online, such as books, journals, write ups, and pictures as the case may be, but now, Google is able to fish out your cousin, no matter where she is, the map takes you straight to her house. The Instant Google Street view is a new tool to complement the Map service that may be a “coming soon on Google” as you will be waiting to grab your copy now.

Instant Google Street view

Instant Google Street view may soon be introduced by the Search Giant

Google always think in innovative ways to bring more ever useful features to its apps and services. The watchword of Google seem to be now ‘Instant’, on its search service, the engine is installed with an auto complete tool, which gives suggestion to your search and even before you think of hitting the “Enter” key, the result is already out for you to navigate, the Maps Navigation is another stunning Google product and soon, you may have to be on the Instant Google Street view.

As you type on the Google search and the engine predicting your possible search and instantly downloading you result, wouldn’t this kind of thing be awesome on the Maps service as you get an Instant Google Street view. Information released yesterday on the Google’s Geo Developer Blog featured a company building an app that will give you just what we thought about. The whole thing is beginning with an Instant Street view search page as we post it on the screenshot above, so that as you type a street, the tool predictively completes your search and gives you a street view of the location.

Instant Google Street view

Interesting, I know you will think, the company is named QSView, and it seem Google is a good fan of this innovation, and Google may be interested in purchasing this wonderful company in the future to produce the said, Instant Google Street view to use as a plus to its Android store. The tool already utilizes the Google’s auto complete library and displays the street you sought for as you start mentioning he name. It won’t be necessary for you to hit the search button as you are already viewing the neighbourhood of your destination through the Instant Google Street view.

Google is at getting us the information we need, and doing that fast, the Google Now had received loads of features for the Android and shares location based details, notifications, time, flight information, automatically on our Android devices.

The Instant street view is a cool idea; let’s hope Google makes a quick move to purchase this company to produce the Instant Google Street view app to integrate further features on its services.

Does this Instant Google Street view innovation look fascinating to you?

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3 responses to “Instant Google Street view, a new innovative service to expect from Google”

  1. v-key Avatar

    Google street view superb:)

  2. Fyord Avatar

    Good post man, I was looking at a clients shop on google maps the other day, i was idly zooming in and it actually took me inside the store to shots taken from a 360 degree tripod mounted camera. Mind. Blown.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Google is the grand master of search, everybody will start a surveillance on their girlfriend with this Google tools if care is not taken. Lol! thanks for reading my piece.

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