Free live webinar: Learn the Strategies and Techniques used to build Smart, Connected Products

    The Internet of Things is evolving and only few folks observe that it has existed for decades. Room5 is one among the frontline firms that have been operating and strongly believed in the Internet of Things idea since its inception. As IoT expert, Room5 is a trustworthy and reliable source for information in this aspect and will be sharing their knowledge with you during a free webinar that will be taking place this October; the 21 and the 23rd respectively (read on to know more).

    Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things. In my own opinion, not everyone has an idea of what they could be getting from having a profound knowledge of how it works and what they could be benefiting from availing the opportunity. From the market perspective to how it will impact users’ lives, there’s already a strong trend going in the IoT industry. Getting a useful, helpful, yet practical advice with guidelines for building smart, connected products seems to be the challenge for almost everyone trying to create stuffs for the internet. From starting the project, to choosing the right infrastructure and framing it to work as envisioned, and delivering such a wonderful product to the end users, with your praises on their lips even after they might have paid you awesomely for the product, should be your next focus.

    In making this happen, there’s going to be a webinar featuring top industry experts with hands-on knowledge on how to make your Internet of Things project a BOOM-like experience!

    Wondering how you can get a hold-me-by-the-hand kind of information that will yields good results?

    Think less of that! You will get more than that.

    Why building a smart and connected solutions?

    Smart, connected solutions is the next rave because people nowadays prefers to do less while getting more done within a shortest possible time, and what they need in such a scenario is smart and connected systems of computers; simplifying the whole process, taking away the risk of outages and irregularities.

    For one to be able to effectively create a solution in this field, the fellow need to have at least the underlisted technical disciplines, that were not previously in high demand, such as;

    1. Mobile Application Development
    2. Firmware Development
    3. Software and Hardware Security
    4. Power Management
    5. Cloud Architecture
    6. Technical Program Management
    7. Computer Hardware and Software Testing
    8. Technical Project Management
    9. Human Centered Software Design

    For you to be a success in this field, a strong approach that takes emerging challenges and winning stratagems into consideration is highly needed.

    Room5 is a leading firm in the aspect of building smart, connected products for the IoTs with their engineers building real and existing products for some of existing customers such Intel, BMW, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung on regular basis.

    Have you been thinking of knowing some of the best practices in use for building smart and connected devices?

    You are covered because in this 30-minute technically-inclined online call, Eric Ljung, the Room5’s senior development director, will be taking you through some of these processes. At least, after the program, you will be armed with valid details about the complexities and challenges that you may likely come across when building smart, connected products and how to deal with them.

    About the Internet of Things webinar host; Eric Ljung

    Eric has been in the fold for a long time; with 20 years of experience in virtually all the technologies that summed up the Internet of Things, you can bet on the kind of knowledge you will be taking home.

    To be partaker of the call, register for this free webinar.

    The Internet of Things webinar will go live on Tuesday October 21st, with a replay webinar Thursday October 23rd, titled: “Learn the Strategies and Techniques used to Build Smart, Connected Products.

    Waiting to see you there.


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