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3 Latest Car Systems Aimed at More Safety and Comfort of the Cars

Car Safety and Comfort Systems recently introduced into Cars

Today, software act as a driver of innovation in vehicles. The importance of software-based function in cars has increased steadily in the last three decades.

With novel features, cars have changed dramatically when it comes to safety, comfort and assistance. Along with the fundamental changes in the development of processes, almost all areas of vehicle, including software-based functionality, has been radically improved. The heavy dependence on the functions leads to entirely new requirements of the software and system engineering.

Today, we will talk about some of the latest technologies introduced recently, which are aimed to enhance safety and comfort of the people using cars. Let’s rock!

‘Active Lane Assist’ from Audi:

The assistance system ‘Active Lane Assist’ from Audi comes in models featuring electro-mechanical power steering and uses a camera to detect markings on the road at speed over 60 km/h. The camera is located on the interior mirror, which focuses the road up to about 50 meters with approximately 40-degree angle and provides 25 high-resolution frames per second.Active Lane Assist from Audi

Image credit: Audi

Software processes the images and recognizes the boundary lines and route the car followed between them. If the car approaches a line, without indicating, the system guides the driver to steer back to the lane through subtle but significant interventions in the electromechanical steering.

For the medium and large models with hydraulic power steering, the Audi’s lane assist is a good choice. The warning is generated by a vibration in a vibrator of the steering wheel spokes. It has three intensity levels, which are adjustable. This camera of the Audi ‘Active Lane Assist’ gives differentiated data, like it can differentiate between yellow and white lines of different sites.

Real Life Safety: Assistance System from Mercedes-Benz to Prevent Wrong-Way Driving:

Mercedes-Benz has introduced an assistance system, which will eliminate the chances of deadly accidents caused by wrong-way driving. The Real Life Safety can detect and warn driver audibly and visually when he gets on the wrong path. The new system is initially intended for 2013’s new releases of S-Class and E-Class.

Mercedes Benz presents Real Life Safety

Image credit: Mercedes-Bengs-Blog.blogspot.com

Major element of the technology is a camera located inside of the windscreen. The camera can visually identify and transmit the information to the computer about the avionics. When the vehicle enters the prohibition area of road, the system will warn the driver. In this case, three loud beeps and a flashing red light on the display indicates prohibiting entry to draw attention to the danger.

The system security is enhanced by using the Mercedes-Benz electronic data from the camera, in addition to the data from the navigation system. The technology  also uses other features of the new traffic signs wizard of Mercedes-Benz. These include detection and display of speed limits and overtaking and lifting respective signs. In case of poor visibility, which hinders the appearance, like in foggy weather or heavy snow, the system informs the driver that it is ‘temporarily unavailable’.

The new traffic signs wizard will be initially installed in the upcoming S-Class and E-Class. Gradually, the technology will also be integrated in other ranges. Initially, the system has been designed for Germany, but Mercedes-Benz is working hard to make the system fit for other countries.

Lexus LS with Electronically Controlled Lighting System, AIS and Climate Concierge:

For the first time, the new Lexus LS comes with the electronically regulated interior lighting system AIS (Advanced Illumination System). A welcome lighting sequence guides the driver to the vehicle. The Advanced Illumination System (AIS) is an all-LED interior lighting system, which lightens up to welcome the coming person and then gradually turns off in sequence as the vehicle gets ready to start.

Lexus LS

Image credit: Lexus

Other systems on the new Lexus LS include Air Concierge, a multi-zone climate control. This is an integrated automatic seat heating and seat cooling system. Using infrared sensors, the air flow of the automatic climate control for each passenger, and thus the optimum temperature is reached. Moreover, the Nanoe technology is used for air pollution control.

Final Words:

In modern automotive industry, car manufacturers have increasing focus on safety and comfort, which lead them to develop novel, distinguishing features. Active safety systems and driver assistance systems have become increasingly essential. These technologies help detecting dangerous situations at an early stage, which helps in eliminating chances of fatal accidents or at least reducing consequences of the accidents, particularly when there is a heavy traffic density everywhere.

Are there other latest car safety systems that we have not mentioned here that you have noticed of recent in your car or friends’ that needed to be in this list? Please share them with us.

Ayodeji Onibalusihttps://www.techatlast.com
Ayoonis writes for news site Thenewsofthepeople.com and wants you to get latest news on celebs, sports and politics by visiting his news site.

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  1. Ayoonis you have post a great article about latest technology.
    Your post about Mercedes warring alert-meant is so helpful for new customer who want to get a new car.
    About Audi active lane assist is a awesome technology that i see in these images.
    All the technology you have describe in these cars consist is awesome.
    Thank you Ayoonis

    • They are good cars, Coskun but their prices could vary on several factors: like added features, and mid size average cars are always cheaper than luxury cars (the lexus for example is a luxury car).

  2. I think driving safety is very often overlooked and this article reminded me how important it is.
    Thank you for writing this:)

    • You’re right on point, Beatrice. Sometimes, manufacturers often overlook safety, but thanks to reviews and crash tests all over, improvements are made to produce more safe and tech-advanced vehicles.

    • You can buy any of the car of your choice by following the link under it’s image. Or by going to the manufacturer’s website.

  3. These systems are great but still we have to work a lot to minimize road accidents, one greatest lack in these systems is that they are all deployed in very costly cars, which are used by less than 1% of the total population of the world, steps are needed to make them available for common people.

  4. You are right about that, but I believe car manufacturers will make more improvements and these features will become accessible in average cars as time goes on. Remembered the time when cruise control and other features we’re used to today were only on luxury cars?

  5. Thank for the information. Many new cars of though have prioritized safety especially in the luxury car segment. Lexus and volvo are quite great on safety

  6. I love the way Mercedes constantly push the technology envelope when it comes to new generations of the S class. I heard that the entertainment system includes a feature where you can tag a track you hear on the radio, which will automatically transfer to your iPhone, for download the next time it’s connected to iTunes.


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