Multiple User Accounts Discovered In Android Jelly Bean

With the recent report from Geeky Gadgets, it seems Google has in store a new feature which the company plans to release unto all of its Android smartphones and tablets soonest, the new feature in question has just been discovered in the latest Google’s mobile OS known as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The guys at Phandroid said they received a tip from an unknown Android developer who recently discovered some interesting code which was hidden in the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ASOP.

As the developer claims, it looks like Google is planning to introduce multiple user accounts features into the Android Operating System in the future to come. This would mean, you can have more than one android account logged in on a particular device without hassle. This new feature if it becomes a reality will give its counterparts a great competition; Apple and others.Multiple User Accounts to be enabled in Android Jelly Bean

If it becomes true, users can have one settings set for your device on the first account, and another setting completely different for the second account, it means great and useful feature for the android community.

As of now, there are no factual details as whether Google plans to activate multiple user accounts for android devices, and also there’s no details as of how the feature is going to work if it is finally enabled, but as soon as we get viable information we will inform you guys.

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