3 Reasons to Explore the Best Phone System for Your Business

Gone are the days of having a hardwired switchboard and one or more operators receiving and fielding calls for your business.

With new technology, business phone systems can be streamlined. Everything from phone, fax, and internet can all run through a single network. This is cost-effective to your business telecom needs and allows you to make and receive calls, anywhere. As long as there is an internet connection, you are doing business.

A Virtual PBX Phone System effectively links multiple telecom functions. There is no longer a need to have multiple phone lines hardwired throughout your offices to permit incoming and outgoing calls. A virtual PBX system allows all calls to be routed through one central line and the computer can branch it out into multiple user’s extensions. Calls can be made directly to a main line and transferred via a human or automated operator to the individual department or recipient. As an added bonus, calls can be made or received from anywhere there is an active internet connection.

hostedpbx phone system is different from landline telephone system and this is how it worksHow HostedPBX business phone system works

Effortless Setup of a Phone System

Without any complicated hardware to install or wiring necessary, a virtual PBX system is easy to set up and use; all that is required is an internet connection and one or more phones. Voice and fax service can instantly be activated through your service provider and be ready for use. The system can be controlled through a desk top computer, laptop, tablet computer, or even a smart phone.

Multiple lines, departments, offices, and even locations can all be integrated through this one system. And, because it is internet based, offices in multiple locations or different states can be connected. Employees can function, even when out and about, with just a mobile device. This is a great benefit when you require an employee to function in different areas of your business. Their mobile device can even be routed through a dedicated workspace, so they can take their office with them.

If your company changes in size, it is easy to add or reduce phone extensions or assign fax numbers. There is no need to pay a technician to set up new lines every time you hire a new employee or expand your company.

A small business pbx services

All in One Services

A virtual-based, business phone systems combines all the features of traditional telecom networks.

  • Hold music and messaging. Pre-determined hold music or direct messages can be utilized and individualized for each call. Callers can hear whatever messages you want them to hear, based on caller ID. If your system has multiple departments performing different functions, each caller can hear a different message — unique to that area. Furthermore, each individual line can have its own unique hold music or message to callers. If you allow it, employees can display their particular taste in music to their on-hold callers.
  • Inform clients of valuable information when they call. When a client calls your main line they can be greeted with a message informing them of your business hours and location. Or, if you run a retail business, your hold messages can advise customers of your latest specials and incentives.
  • Custom voice prompts can lessen hold times and ease the burden of your receptionist. Instead of your receptionist fielding every call that comes through, pre-recorded voice prompts can help callers get to the right department or person.
  • Preset dialing directory. Callers can access a full directory of all of your employees. Your staff can be searched by name through the automated system, and the caller directly connected to them. If they are away from their desk, the call can be transferred to a mobile device.
  • Complete voice mail. Each extension you designate on your network can have its own unique voice mail with a custom outgoing message. Because the entire system is internet-based, it works even in power outages or can be accessed away from the office. Additionally, voice messages can be transcribed into an e-mail message and delivered to the employee’s e-mail inbox. This allows them to review voice messages even while on another call.

Limitless Phone Options

The best business phone system offers unlimited features

Your virtual-based, business phone system can utilize any type of desktop phone — as well as cellular phones and tablet computers. Desktop phones can even be linked with a cellular device, so calls can be received regardless of location. The caller would not have to dial different numbers to reach the employee’s desk or mobile device.

Phones can be of a basic desktop model that utilizes one or two lines. They enable voice calls and also utilize call features like called ID, call waiting, call forward, speaker, and mute functions.

More complex phone systems can handle as many lines as necessary and have interactive displays that can function similar to a computer.

Finally, cordless and cellular phones can be integrated into your business phone system network.

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