Google to Revive Real-Time Search – with Google+, others

According to the news from Mashable, the trends of Google dominating the world of search engine will not come to an end anytime sooner because of the company’s effort to make sure that all things work fine for the purpose of holding large percentage of internet users on their platform on daily basis.

Real time search is one among all Google’s products API, the function of the service is to help in showing all latest tweet about an even that is known world wide. Remember the time when Barack Obama saw the end of the US most fiercest enemy, Osama Bin Laden, during such time, the real time search will continue to show people about the latest thing that is happening concerning the incident to all the users of Google then so as to keep them informed.

The major wonders that the real-time search is doing is when it allows users to access viable tweets from one of the top social networking site like Twitter about what people are saying about a particular person, event, place and others.

Real-Time search is the only method Google is using about some months ago in delivering latest information to users whenever an event made the headlines on the internet. But Google later sent the service back to the normal ground(disabling the service) when it was unable to finalize a deal with twitter in order to continue getting into the powerhouse of the company’s tweets and since google is also trying to make a purchase of twitter and the deal doesn’t fall through either, that’s why Google dropped the API just like they did to most of their API some months ago.

You will agree with me that Google s a team of cool-headed people that always thinks abut new ways of dominating the internet, that’s why Google too launches its own social networking site that even went the long way to surpass both twitter and facebook so that they can allow the Real time search API to come back to live by making sure that all the information that which Google+ users are sharing on the platform will come handy for them to use in showing latest results about an event on Google search. Confirmed by Google fellow, Amit Singhal, who said “The value the product was providing was not enough”

Singhal also confirms that the service is coming back soon and will also includes other social site news to make it better than the formal one.


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