Samsung ATIV Q: A Hybrid device that transforms from Windows 8 Laptop to an Android Tablet


Samsung ATIV Q: The Android tablet, at the same time ‘The Windows Laptop’Samsung ATIV Q dual OS

The Samsung ATIV Q is a hybrid magic device, with just one quick motion, it transforms from a Windows 8 slate into a full-fledged laptop. With you just tapping an icon, it will boot into an Android Jelly bean, allowing you to surf through your favorites in the Google Play market.

The Haswell i5 core processor is the hottest around now, and that is what it is packing into the market. It has a 13-inch display with a resolution of 3,200 x 1,800 pixels Oh My God! The pricing or availability is yet to be disclosed, but we will keep you updated so as not to miss this out.


The Samsung ATIV Q is a standard 13-inch slate and if you lift up the display, it will reveal a keyboard packed underneath. The keys is designed to fold up and lock behind the keys which makes swiping much easier, the same way it will work on other touch-screen laptops. Just like the converting technique on the Sony Viao duo, but Samsung moved it advance. Instead of just converting between laptop and slate, the screen lies flat, lifted on top and parallel to the keyboard.Samsung ATIV Q on stand

The screen rotates automatically, as you turn it over.

The Samsung ATIV Q device also packs as S-Pen stylus for writing notes with freehand or playing when you are bored.

The device is a 13-inch machine with a 14 mm thickness, skinny and portable enough to slide into most bag packs and it weighs around 1.3kg, very easy to carry all about.


The 13.3-inch Samsung ATIV Q comes with a resolution of whooping 3,200 x 1,800 pixels, the highest ever seen on a 13-inch machine. The pixel density is complete at 275ppi bigger than the 264ppi on the 9.7-inch Retina display iPad.

The Hybrid or Duo Operating System

This is a very interesting story, packing two OS on one gadget, I will explain, the Samsung ATIV Q runs on Windows 8, but with a tap on a tile, you quickly got booted up into an Android Jelly Bean. At first, you will think you are on a magic show, but patiently, you will get to understand what has just taken place.Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung ATIV QIf it’s very difficult for you to make a scale of preference on whether a Windows 8 laptop or an Android slate, the Samsung ATIV 8 just made it easy for you.

It can work as full fledged windows 8 laptop, and when the day feels so bored, you can quickly swipe into an Android tablet surfing the Google Play to make a gaming console of your time.


The magic machine packs the latest Intel Haswell i5 core processor on which both the Android and Windows depend. The chipset is specially made for battery performance and you need not to fear of running out of power in little time. It is the same used on the 2013 model MacBook Air which boasts of 12 hours running time.

Final Words

You won’t want to blame the Samsung ATIV Q when it finds it difficult to understand itself. It is a Windows laptop as well as an Android tablet and at the same time, a Window tablet. Samsung’s thought is to make a merger of work and play for its loyal and prospective customers.

Don’t be anxious, it will get announced soon and we will all see the wonders, creativity as well as craziness just arriving in the gadget world.

Images: CNET



  1. NIce review Mr. Olukunle Moses
    This is new concept Dual operating system in this Samsung ATIV Q laptop. This is quite interesting. 😀
    Thank your very much for such a amazing post.

  2. Samsung is just outstanding. They are purely leading the technology. What a concept they’re introducing now. Such a marvelous innovation

    • Samsung is really investing to provide cutting-edge technology. Their line up of product is just great. They are becoming the best in mobile and tablets. But their Laptop product seem to be crappy at the moment, hope they improve on that.


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