Immersive clarity – a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Our overactive lives now demand the least amount of restrictions from our technology, innovating it to advance at rapid speeds. This has given birth to a new crowded market. The wireless earbuds market has boomed thanks to technological advancements, providing us with the power to listen to our favorites on the go without needing wires. Since the launch of Apple’s AirPods in 2016, the sector has grown with a wide variety of earbuds available to suit all price ranges. Samsung, along with its new handsets, has also launched another earbud competitor into the market.

Priced at £159, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is an updated version of the Korean electronics previous model. This version of the buds comes with longer battery life, improved audio and an additional microphone for clearer calls. One of its newest features also includes a shortcut that launches Spotify. These new features along with crisp and clear sounds make them a much more formidable opponent to Apple Airpods. Here’s a look at how the new Samsung Galaxy Earbuds compare.

Immersive clarity – a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Immersive clarity - a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus brings true meaning to immersive clarity.

Once the buds are set up and paired to the user’s phone, the new feature allows users to program the earbuds to launch Spotify with a simple press and hold on one of the buds once placed in the ear. This will command it to start playing music from Spotify. This feature is highly convenient and makes the overall experience of using the buds and Spotify faster and smoother, compared to launching the app manually on smartphones. 

Made by an Android giant, there’s no surprise here then that the Spotify feature does not work with Apple smartphones. When the buds are paired to an Apple iPhone, users will also not be able to receive notifications but can still pair the buds for general use. The app which accompanies the buds comes with several customizing actions when pressing and holding the buds. Users can set the commands to either launch voice commands, control the volume and switch on the buds ‘Ambient sound mode’ which allows users to hear sounds in their surrounding environment while simultaneously listening to music. 

For the price, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus provides users with clear and crisp sound which is suitable for casual listening. Its new two-way dynamic speaker which includes a woofer and tweeter boosts the earbud’s audio capacity. The app allows users to customize the sound, just like many other models on the market. Unfortunately, the buds do not offer noise cancellation, but they do seal the ear enough, adequately blocking out some noises from the user’s surroundings. 

The new Galaxy Buds effectively beats its competitors in comparison to battery life. The Galaxy Buds Plus is capable of being used for 11 hours straight from its charging case and is comfortable to wear and can remain secure even when exercising. These features and their sleek design with additional features such as paring them with a smartwatch make them an attractive choice for users. The earbuds are available in white and black and are made of lightweight materials for a 24/7 comfort fit.

One of the downfalls of the Galaxy Buds Plus in comparison to its competitors is that they are unable to pause music when only one earbud is removed. The Airpods can detect when one pod has been removed and automatically pauses the music so users can carry out tasks without audio playing such as buying a coffee or crossing the road. They also do not have a hands-free supportive feature for voice commands like other brands. Users will need to press and hold one of the buds while wearing them to trigger Samsung’s Bixby or Google Assistant

Overall the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are great replacements and contenders in the earphones market today for anyone looking for middle-range priced earphones. They offer users decent sound and a comfortable fit. They can also block out noise and let users play Spotify at a press. However, they do fall short in some areas such as not being able to pause audio when one bud is removed. The buds do however have a portable case that has USB-C and supports wireless charging.

For a meager price of £159, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offers users with immersive clarity and crisp sound suitable for casual listening.






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