Apple to stop Samsung from supplying MacBook and iPad batteries

The battle between Samsung and Apple seem to be getting more hotter and refused to a good and friendly part in any way, Samsung and Apple really had a bad relationship, that it is thought that they shouldn’t had been partners, Samsung makes hardware parts for Apple and at the long run, it systematically ended up making its own phones and tablets products from the design Apple had been bringing for hardware design. The only thing Samsung couldn’t achieve is the software development, but all along, the relationship between the two giants has been a woe.

Apple samsung-battery

Samsung – Apple relationship getting worse

Sometimes ago, rumor has it that Apple will be closing deals with Samsung as its software supplier and that, Samsung too had been hiking prices of processors it supplies to Apple. But as at the time of the rumor, news from reliable sources has it that Apple and Samsung is still having a good business rapport only that Apple has been trying its best to get an alternative partner to the Korean electronics giant.

As at now, for the MacBooks and iPad batteries, it seem that Apple had finally gotten a new partner and will be putting an end to that deal it had with Samsung.

The new partners are two in number, and they are Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery. As for now, Apple has not gotten an alternative chips maker to partner with, making it to still depend on Samsung for that. But the ultimate is that, this simple shift had made it less dependent on Samsung, although, the processor is still a very important part of its products.

A rumor we got is that, Apple is looking into investing into better chips, and this may end up in Apple producing chips by itself, but if all this a true, the proposed enhanced and optimized chips may take a few years before finally coming to reality.






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  1. Alex Avatar

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  2. IPROID Avatar

    Good move by apple. Because Apple uses so lots of Samsung components it is simple and easy for samsung to replica anything Apple does, by just using those similar parts. Now Apple will perhaps make those other part dealers sign deals that they can’t trade those part used in Apple products to Samsung. Samsung will have to do their own R&D for their phones from now on.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Great thought, it is better the two companies stops partnership, although, people who can’t afford Apple’s product got thesame value through Samsung, but Samsung can get its own great designs instead of stealing.

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