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What Makes Your Smart Watch Special

There’s likely to be a lot of overt and covert disapproval to your wearing a smart watch. You may hear things like –“watches aren’t worn anymore,” “Use your smartphone” and “it isn’t cool.” Smart watches are still birthing and there are a lot of positive developments possible on the anvil.

Smart watches may seem to be just for dorky geeks but the fact that they have potential is testified by so many companies that are working on smart watches. Apart from some great smart watches already out there, Samsung is working on its own smart watch. In addition Apple is on the way to inventing a curved glass iWatch that is based on iOS.

According to reports Google is working on its own smart watch. Our lives will be benefited by these wise devices. Let us take a look at some ways in which they will improve our standard of living.

Time Savers

You can save plenty of time with a smart watch. The smart watch will let you know instantly which calls should be picked up and which should be ignored. They also let you decide which messages to respond to and which tweets to spread around. If you are tired of requests to try “My Birthday Calendar on FB” then you deserve a smart phone. Even so it is important for watchmakers to customize alerts.

It Is Good For Your Health

Smart watches provide data like how much you have run and at what speed. GPS is used for this. Smart watches need to provide a wealth of fitness and health related data without becoming bulky. Rumor has it that Apple’s iWatch has a pedometer and calorie counter as well as a heart rate monitor. Samsung has released an S Health app for its Galaxy S4 with a wrist band. It’s likely that a Galaxy watch will have similar functionality.

Phone Battery Extension

How does a smart watch extend phone battery life? The answer is that they use the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. This uses low energy technology made specifically for smart devices. You will use the smart watch for several things you used the phone for, thus saving your phones battery.

Use Your Voice for More

Some smart watches allow you to phone up people from your wrist and have a conversation as well. This has a downside in that it may be disturbing to many people. What is exciting is leveraging Samsung’s S Voice and Apple’s Siri. You will be able to make a social update via your wrist or dictate a voice message. It will be easy to get the five day weather forecast and know who won last night’s game.

Discreetness is Key

Imagine you are in a meeting and want to check you inbox without using a huge tablet. Here’s where the smart watch comes to your rescue. You can check your inbox quickly and discreetly. They are less polarizing than Google Glass. This high tech eyewear has been outlawed in a Seattle area bar before debut and it is not likely to be the last place to do so. Smart watches are a stepping stone in technology connecting this technological age to the next. We’re talking about the age of 4G and clear wireless deals on 4G technology.

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  1. If a smart watch can do achieve the function of a smart phone comfortably without stress, then we are in the future of technology and we should embrace positive change and use them positively to impact of activities of life positively. Thanks for this article and education on new development.


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