The SmartWatch Battle: What does Apple, Google, and Samsung Smart watches means

Every day, new trends surfaces in the technology sphere all because of recent technological changes that we have been experiencing for long. Some of the top ranking technology giants do not want to be left behind in the race, that’s why they kept on introducing new ideas and invent new products regularly.

Of recent, I read a San Francisco Chronicle’s syndicated post to SFGate about Smart Watches that the three technology giants are planning to release any time from now.

Apple iWatch

Apple is leading the pack with its smartwatch, which is called iWatch, that would come with so much functionalities; such as ability to connect to virtually all Apple gadgets from iPad to iPhone, iPod, Apple TV with push abilities. Aside that, user can use the smart watch to track their iPad, iPhone or Apple Mac when they are outside the range that is programmed into the iWatch.

And last but not the least, user can also have access to push emails, notifications from all their Apple smartphones and tablets without hassle.

Samsung Altius SmartWatch

Samsung is at it again with their own smart watch, it called “Samsung Altius.

Lee Young Hee, Samsung VP of Mobile recently told Bloomberg in an exclusive interview session they had with him that the new Samsung smartwatch “will alternatively perform most of smartphone tasks with ease.” And that should tells us smartphone days are numbered, but only if they have the advanced smartphone features.

The Samsung Altius is set to run on Google’s Android Operating System – this means, Google’s SmartWatch and Samsung Altius won’t have much of competition, but Apple iWatch would have a face-off with the two device.

Google SmartWatch

Google on the other hand after the success of Google Glass, is planning to release its smartwatch later by the end of this year. Although some of the features haven’t been made public, but we’ll uncover them as they surfaced. According to SFC, the smartwatch can allow user to access most of Google products and services on the Go!

User can get push email, text, alerts and notifications from Google+ or other Google services without hassle and the major of them all, user can use the smartwatch to control Google TV’s programs like the remote control.

Rumour has it that this smart watch will soon turn Google Glass obsolete because it has majority of Glass features. So that would give the user the chance to either choose the Glass or the Google smart watch instead of getting the two for almost same purpose.

Production of Smart watches has commenced, shipping will start soon!

Full production has commenced for these watches by the three companies and hopefully, Samsung will release its Altius any moment from now. But make sure that you haven’t changed your home address while ordering the product because it’s going to be on limited production. And if you have moved after ordering the product, you can use us mail change of address to update your new home address from the older address so that you can receive your package with ease.

And for Apple and Google, the release date hasn’t been mentioned publicly but Apple has announced it’s going to release the iWatch at the end of this year while Google remain silent!

You know the technology giant monopoly 🙂

However, many people are afraid of recent watch sales in all around the world – watch sales over the past three years have experienced a huge failure all because smartphones have most of watch features. And as a smartphone user, you don’t need a watch when you can easily use your smart device to check time.

But watch is useful when it is high-end watch for fancy kind of thing, e.g Rolex!

That means, the number of people using watches is on the decline and that might have negative effect on smart watch sales.

But considering all what we have just discussed, these three technology giants really want to forge ahead and produce watch products for users all over the world.

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