Top 10 Software Review & Listing Websites to Get Your Application Listed

The terms and strategies of marketing have changed as more and more people are inclined towards word of mouth referrals. The same, when translated to the digital world, turns out to be customer reviews. More than 90 percent of online shoppers refer to at least one review website of their choice before making a purchase. 

Talking about software, most consumers prefer visiting at least two to three review websites before requesting the price quote. Thus, if you have developed a software program that you feel can add immense value to people’s lives and businesses, listing it one of the software review websites would be the best call.

But, with so many software review websites out there, finding the ones that are trustworthy and reliable can be a hurdle. To help you overcome this dilemma, here is a list of ten best software review websites to get your application listed.

1. SoftwareSuggest

SoftwareSuggest is one of the leading software reviews and listing websites in the world that help users find the best solution as per their needs and requirements. The site is equipped with an advanced evaluation tool that helps users shortlist and select features, along with comparing them with other applications and programs. From the site, you can also request a price quote from software vendors. If you are in search of real customer testimonials, SoftwareSuggest helps you collect, integrate, and display verified user reviews. It has a robust database of a broad category of software programs, such as CRM software, HR software, and project management software.

SoftwareSuggest helps people discover top business software and service partners. It is trusted by a large number of people.

2. Capterra

If you have been into the software marketplace for a while, you must have heard of Capterra, one of the most popular B2C and B2B software websites. On the site, you will find more than five million reviews across 300 hundred software categories, along with intelligent recommendations about the best SaaS software programs in each category. You will also find blog posts on Capterra, along with the standard buyers’ guides and user reviews.

Capterra - Find better software now
Capterra makes finding better software easy. With it, you can search, compare, and choose the right software with confidence.

3. SoftwareWorld

SoftwareWorld is a popular platform for showcasing software reviews from other leading trusted review websites. If your target customers are confused about choosing the best software for their business requirements, they can trust SoftwareWorld for an in-depth comparison and unbiased reviews. The website also provides integrated reviews by categorizing the software according to business requirements.

Software World - Get the best ROI on your software investment with us
Discover the best software and services for your business to get the best ROI on your software investment by using Software World.

4. G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is another leading software review website that consists of more than 1,50,000 ratings and reviews on thousands of software programs. G2 provides honest reviews to software products, which are of verified users and customers. If you list your website on G2, you will get ample exposure to technology investors, analysts, and customers. The site has it’s in-house review team as well that ensures your program is well-tested and reviewed.

G2 Crowd - Get the right software
G2 Crowd is a platform with validated user reviews to help you make smarter decisions. The company boasts of over 1600 companies leveraging the G2 Track to manage SaaS spend, usage, contracts, and compliance.

If you are looking for volume, SoftwareAdvice can be an ideal pick this software directory enables users to inspect listed software programs in detail. It helps users with comparing the best software options in the desired category and helps them determine the best solution as per their business requirements. It also offers software vendors to be in direct sync of the customers, which enables enhanced engagement. With close to 400 software guides, you will enjoy a plethora of benefits from listing your program on SoftwareAdvice. 

6. PCMag

Another popular name in the software review community, PCMag, is one of the top listing websites that provide coverage on the best-in-class software programs. It provides well-curated reviews, along with detailed guides to upgrades and peripherals. On PCMag, you can get an in-detail summary of your app, along with comparison charts that enable your prospects to understand your products and services better. Therefore, whether your target customers are business owners or individual users, PCMag would be an ideal pick.

PCMag - Security Reviews - Software Review & Listing Websites
If you’re looking for lab-curated reviews of your desired next app, you can get a full detail summary on the PCMag software review and listing website along with comparison charts.

7. TechnologyAdvice

Another established name in the software review and listing space, TechnologyAdvice, offers high-quality B2B software reviews. The primary objective of the website is to educate, connect, and advise software vendors and customers to ensure seamless interaction and engagement. TechnologyAdvice uses a merit-based ranking system; if your product is good in quality and attracts more positive reviews, it will rank higher and get more exposure. A few factors that TechnologyAdvice uses to list software programs are features, reviews, industry demands, and categories. 

8. FinancesOnline

Another popular and fast-growing B2B software review site, FinanceOnline, has a monthly user base of more than 2 million. Thus, if the volume is your priority, FinancesOnline would be a great choice to get your software products listed. It consists of an expert review team that runs in-depth software tests to provide an honest opinion. In addition, it also offers an excellent comparison tool. 

9. GetApp

GetApp is another prevalent software review and listing site that is readily utilized by small, medium, and large enterprises to get the best software programs for their business. One of the significant advantages of using GetApp is its quickness to review apps and software programs. Being one of the leading software advisory websites, you will review for finance, accounting, CRM software and Project Management Software. Besides, it features more than 3000 software programs and applications in its review section. 

10. SaaSGenius

SaaSGenius mainly focuses on cloud-based software solutions. It works closely with software vendors to integrate a bunch of useful services for both customers and consumers. It also evaluates every submission before posting, which ensures reliable and unbiased reviews. On this website, you can list your software with a bunch of information, such as overview, pricing, features, reviews, comparisons, and alternatives. Its advanced comparison tool enables users to compare and identify the best solutions for their requirements. 

Wrapping it up

Launching a software program or application in a highly lucrative but competitive market can be a hassle. To skip the hard route, you can partner with these review & listing websites to provide your software with initial exposure and attention. However, choosing the best website can be a challenging task, as well. Since all sites offer their set of pros and cons, the best you can do is partnering with multiple websites to ensure you get the maximum possible market reach.


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