Google+ Pages – How and Why?

Goole Plus Page Google+ pages is the new thing in town now concerning Google plus. Everybody are now talking about it here and there because of its coolest features. In this video below, I have shared videos on how Google plus works. Why you should be among the benefactor and what you can get inside […]

Google Plus Pages: How To Create A Page On Google+

Google Inc. has added another feature to its Google+ products by launching Google plus pages for brands and individuals. Now, is the time for any business or organisation to have their page on Google+ just like on Facebook. Before, Google+ was only supporting personal profiles (individual) and there’s no way for business profiles then until now when the company announces this […]

Google+ Launches Branded Pages

Google Inc. has finally unveiled brand pages for its product, Google+, for both corporate and individual business purpose, enabling businesses and brands to join up with the Google’s social network.   “So far Google plus, has focused on linking people with other people,” Google SVP of Social Vic Gundotra said in a blog post. “But we want […]