Google Hotel Finder – Search for Hotel Easily

Google, everyday is becoming more and more powerful because of the rate the company is progressing. Not more than two months ago, Google launched its social networking site that allows its email owners (users) to have power to network and share with their friends and families and even business associates on the platform, the service […]

Quora Extends Service With Mobile SMS Questions Posting Ability

Quora is a question and answer based platform just little differnet from Google because it has features of indexing over 1million questions and answers in its database. Long bfore, all Quora users can only post questions for answers on the Quora web based application site but now that the comnpnay has extends its servcie delivery […]

Top 10 Google+ ShortCuts You May Never Know Exist

If you don’t know how to use windows shortcut on your Google+ profile page. I have a list of shortcuts for you that you can use to make your google plus experience a better one. List of Google+ Shortcuts #1. How To Mention Others in a Post If you wants to mention some of your […]

Take The Google+ Bar with You Everywhere You Go

As google plus is going higher on daily basis, new development are coming to the stage. New extensions and other. If you have wondered why google hasn’t design its own add-on extension just like that of StumbleUpon that which you can use on your browser to stay up to date with your profile walls and […]

How To Change Your Google+ Username to share it with others

Google plus is one of the new products that which Google recently introduced to most of its users which comes in form of a social networking site. The service is the ideal method to send facebook to its early grave if it goes the way they said they are going to do it because this […]

Google TakeOut – How To Backup Your Google Data Easily

Google is showing all internet users that it is very capable of running the affairs of everything that pertains to the internet world (world-wide web). The reason for this is its new service that was recently announced few days ago which can allow all google products users to have access to back up all their […]

How to Receive Android Phone Call Alerts On Your Computer Screen

If you’re a kind of person that hates disturbance from your mobile phone when browsing, writing or chatting with your friends on your favorite social networking sites, then this post is written mainly because of you but that depends on the type of operating system that your mobile phone is on. Android users will find […]

Microsoft Make More Money From Android Phone Than Windows Mobile Phone

The report from The Citi analyst Walter Pritchard informs the public from his research that, it shows that Microsoft Inc. may be making more money from the Google’ Android based operating system phone than from the Microsoft’s own model (Windows mobile platform based operating system). Pritchard continues that Microsoft makes five times of what they’re […]