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Siri Makes another Blunder Again – Tells Little Boy to ‘Shut the F— Up,’ Calls Him ‘Ugly’

This time when we thought Siri's problems might have been solved are many other issues arising. The latest glitch a boy encountered with Siri might even turn this iPhone 4S personal assistant something else. Siri thought the boy was...

iPhone 4S Siri, Can You Hear Me Now? Apple Sees Rise in Audio Bug Reports

Most people are perfectly happy with the iPhone 4S when it was firstly released last month, but many are now starting to feel like they're in the minority because of the current states of the phone. The first issue was the yellowgate reports...
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Managing API Integration With Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

An application program interface (API) is a set of procedures, conventions, and gears for structuring new software applications. Essentially, an API stipulates the way...