The Kindle Fire is No iPad, but Does it Matter?

Despite the fact that it’s only recently been released, the Kindle Fire is expected to be the second-most popular tablet device in the world by the end of this year, according to the market research firm HIS. What does this mean? Does it mean that the Kindle Fire is better than, or as good as, […]

Kindle Fire hacked to run pre-alpha version of Ice Cream Sandwich

Kindle Fire is known for its amazing reading ability – it helps people reads and surf the web with ease without any disturbance. If you happen to be a owner of the Amazon Kindle Fire, that means you’re very lucky because the Kindle Fire can now run on a custom ROM of a decent version […]

5 Fun Apps for The Kindle Fire – Top Kindle Fire Apps

The Kindle Fire from Amazon came out a few weeks ago and many will be getting one for Christmas as a gift. Maybe you. The cool thing about the Kindle Fire and any tablet is filling them up with loads of cool and fun apps. Below we highlight five such fun apps for the Kindle […]

Kindle Fire dragged into Apple’s “app store” suit against Amazon

Apple has set its sights on the Kindle Fire as part of the company’s trademark lawsuit against Amazon. In an modified complaint filed this week, the mobile giant, Apple, argued that Amazon began altering its own “App store” marketing when it introduced the Kindle Fire in September, and Apple sees the move as an attempt […]

Amazon Kindle Fire unboxing Video

Amazon Kindle Fire is the latest of its kind from Amazon since the day the e-commerce company have  started offering it for their customers. See the image below of how someone unboxed the new Amazon Kindle Fire. You can watch the video below: