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Are you on the popular micro blogging website Twitter? Well, chances are pretty high as Twitter just touched the 200 million active users mark. This clearly speaks the success story of it. If you surf the waves of web regularly, then you must have noted that Twitter has been shining in the news on all over the web for past week. The most popular photo sharing app Instagram just pulled out its support of Twitter cardsTwitter, and we covered the complete topic on Techatlast. This update put the Twitter users into the clouds sadness and keep both the Instagram and Twitter in the news. After that, came up with its own Instagram Like filters, and again shown up in the news.


Again Twitter is in the news and this time, it is because of its Tweet Archives which got made live on Twitter today. Tweet Archives lets the users to look back to their entire history, and this is happening for first time ever in Twitter. Mollie Vandor of the User Services Engineering Team notified about this in a blog post on Twitter blog.

The blog post reads that “Starting from today, we are launching new feature that will enable Twitter users to download their Twitter archives, so that they can get all the Tweets (including RT – Retweets) from the very first date their account were created.”

Once a user has Tweet Archives, he/she can search for tweets by username, month, year or even by entering the words of Tweet. Of course, tweets can be searched by hashtags, phrases etc. The Tweet Archives feature was in the news for a long and everyone was waiting for it to go live. Finally, Twitter did it today.

On the occasion of release, firm revealed that it was working on this new feature from a long. Late July to be specific. The process was very slow and the feature was tested with a very small percentage of users. But now this new feature, the Tweet archives is rolling out rapidly. Firm also said that if any user has still not received the Tweet Archives feature, then such users will get the option in Settings, anytime soon.

According to the blog post on Twitter blog, they are currently rolling out this Tweet Archive feature with the users, whose Language is set to ‘English’.  Tweet Archives feature will be made available to all the users with any Language, in the upcoming weeks/months. Also, Twitter is thankful to all the users for keeping the patience for the Tweet Archives feature till date, and is requesting to do the same for a short time more.

Requesting Tweet Archives

To access your tweet archives from Twitter, you will have to click on the button link at the settings page. It may take some time to generate archive and once it generated successfully, user will be notified via mail so as to download the same. The archive file comes in .zip extension. This tweet archives  contains members’ tweets in .csv spreadsheet format, and as .json file.

Tweet Archives

Chief executive of Twitter, Dick Costolo has set a deadline to the Twitter’s engineers to make this Tweet Archives feature, available to all users, and this work must be done by the end of 2012.  He also stated that email notifying the user about his/her Tweet Archives will also warn him/her to not to share it as the Tweet Archives may have content, not suitable to make public. Moreover, a user can share his/her experience of uncovering his/her old memories via old tweets, on Twitter by using the hashtag #TwitterArchive.

Via Telegraph

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  1. So, its new feature by twitter by using it i can download my old tweets too. This sounds pretty cool.
    Thanks Abhinav for giving information about this.

  2. I would definitely request twitter tweet archieve, this is definitely very interesting, actually I’ve downloaded similar Tween archieve with one of the social plugins for WordPress.

      • Social plugin for WordPress, actually I did download all my tweets more than 2-3 months ago, all tweets are loaded inside WordPress, but plugin create 403 pages so Google and other bots can not access it.

  3. Well, this is certainly interesting to hear. It boggles me so much that you cant go too much far when viewing people’s mention of you. Even finding old tweets is such a challenge and I didn’t realize it until recently when we ran a contest and tried finding the contest entries.

    • That was Twitter for you but now, things have changed. They aren’t behind time now because they saw how Google and Facebook were making this feature possible. 🙂

  4. With Twitter finally allowing us to download our tweets now, I can see them launching more needed features in the near future. Hopefully that includes the built-in Twitter Analytics. :p


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