How to Unblock Streaming Services From Abroad in a Few Simple Steps

Aren’t you just tired of being left out from the rest of the world, blocked out from accessing some of the greatest and most thrilling movies ever? All of that’s about to change!

Yes, you probably have access to certain websites that screen some of the best Netflix hits, but have you ever noticed the quality? They’re most certainly not in HD!

There are a whole bunch of reasons why particular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime are blocked where you’re located.

It could be because there are certain copyright and censorship laws attached to services like Netflix, only allowed to air in a tiny handful of countries.

Another reason could be due to severe censorship or surveillance laws within your country. Accessing these services would be a huge risk!

 Thirdly, there are countries like China and Russia that block off almost every other international streaming service, app and website from being aired in their country, regardless of the service being accessible there.

Another reason is, even if a service like Netflix is allowed within your country, you still won’t have access to all its libraries if you’re anywhere out of the US.

So, how do you get a grip of HD quality and innumerable movies/TV shows from blocked streaming sites?

There are a couple of ways for you to do that, but I’ll highlight only the most important.

Unblock Streaming Services - Unblock Streaming Services From Abroad in a Few Simple Steps
Most online streaming services are paid platform but here is how to unblock streaming services from abroad in a few simple steps.

The best ways to unblock streaming services from abroad

 There are 4 ways that are best suited for circumstances like these, with number 1 being the best way till today. They are:

  • By using a VPN software
  • Smart DNS
  • A proxy
  • TOR

By using a VPN software

You’ve probably come across a great amount of websites regarding the best VPN services. Only a few are reliable and not only unblock unlimited streaming services but also offer the best speeds, unlimited bandwidth, security protection and much more!

This piece of software is versatile. A VPN will help unblock services from anywhere in the world, by providing various IP addresses for you to connect to. These IP addresses hide your physical location, allowing you to enter into service. This depends on what service you’re trying to unblock.

Some of the best VPNs aren’t even that expensive if you go for the best-discounted prices or deals. Most of them even come with free testing periods.

Smart DNS

A Smart DNS is a little different from a VPN and using a proxy service. For instance, you won’t be provided with an entire list of servers and IP addresses but redirects your physical location. However, because a Smart DNS doesn’t hide your web traffic, it probably means the security protection is extremely low.

For example, if you’re within a country like China or Singapore, who observe strict surveillance and censorship laws, using a Smart DNS might not be such a good idea. The only plus side about this is the increase in speeds if compared to that of a VPN.

A proxy

Just like Smart DNS, a proxy too comes without any security protection. However, since your main target is to jet across streaming restrictions, a proxy is a good fit. But again, if you’re trying to unblock services within heavily censored regions, don’t do it!

 A proxy service should only be used if you’re trying to access an extra Netflix library etc. Using a proxy for smaller tasks is the way to go!


The last method for unblocking streaming services from abroad is TOR. It’s a free open-source software that hides or reroutes your web traffic through a series of layers.

This helps scramble your physical whereabouts, making it difficult for your ISP or the streaming service providers to identify your location. However, there’s a downside. TOR has the worst speed results ever! So, if you’re willing to wait through lagging or buffering, go for it!

Either way it helps unblock certain services. You can use TOR over a VPN, since only a few provide that option, but the speeds still won’t go any faster.

How to unblock streaming services using a VPN

Since a VPN is the most suitable option for unblocking streaming services from abroad, here’s a short tutorial on how to get started.

  • First head over to the VPN provider’s website, depending on which provider you choose. Do your research and go through multiple reviews first before settling for any.
  • Sign up for the service, by providing a valid email and password. Choose a suitable price package according to your budget, and then choose a payment method. Go for a provider that offers payments through Bitcoin.
  • Verify your account through an email that you should receive after account creation.
  • Download the app on a compatible streaming device. The plus point of a VPN is its compatibility with routers. When you connect to a VPN through a router, you’ll be able to add multiple devices to VPN protection, which normally don’t have apps.
  • Install and launch the app.
  • Sign in to your account and connect to the best server.

How to choose the best server

Now once you’re connected to the VPN, choosing a server depends on the service you’re trying to unblock. For instance, BBC iPlayer is only aired within the UK and to access it, means you’ll need to have a UK IP address. Connect to any or the best UK server to access it, asking the support chat if there are certain servers to unblock it.

The same goes for Netflix, if it’s the US library you want access too, then connect to any US server on the list. This also helps if you already have a Netflix account, and can’t access it when travelling abroad. Just connect to the best server and you’re in.

To conclude

Using any one of these 4 methods mentioned above, you’ll be able to unblock streaming services from abroad in no time. However, tread lightly. There are certain situations where countries have a huge ban on using any one of the remedies mentioned above. So always judge your situation and then go ahead with it. Using any one of these unblocking tools should be done carefully.

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