10 Upcoming Technological Advancements for 2020 and Beyond

We may not be living on mercury or traveling to our jobs using jet packs but as the technology is ever-changing, every now and then something new is been discovered.

The future seems more bright and exciting things are going to go more advanced such as get ready to play the games virtually more in-depth, get doctor appointments without even contacting them through Google assistant artificial intelligence, cut the ninja fruits with your eyes, enjoy the ride while being driverless so come on unleash the future with us.

Best 10 Upcoming Technological Advancements To Watch This Year

10 Upcoming Technological Advancement for 2020 and Beyond
Technology advances on daily basis, and tech giants are not relenting on taking the top spot for the trending gadgets and solutions in the tech industry. Here are the upcoming technology advancements to look forward to this year and beyond.

1. Eye Tribe

Eye Tribe is an upcoming eye-tracking technology software basically giving control to your eyes by creating a focal point to swipe around any device such as mobile or any particular device.

The Eye Tribe is an eye-tracking technology created by a Danish company with lots of government funding to back up the project before the company was acquired by Facebook for its Oculus division in order to integrate the eye tribe technology into its Virtual reality gaming project. The eye-tracking device was initially designed and made available for sale to software developers to integrate into their applications and programs.

The EYE TRIBE is one of the emerging technological advancements to look out for in 2020.

With eye tribe technology, you can play and pause any video clip or slide around the things you want to watch without using hands. It can also be used to auto-scroll text on an e-book or music sheet while playing the guitar, it can also help advertisers and application developers to analyze what people are attracted to most. It is still in its early stage and hopefully, we would see development on it soon in the upcoming days.

2. 5G Technology

5G technology is the 5th generation of global wireless technology that would fuel innovation and transform the way we live work and play. It enables us to create a new network in which everyone and everything can be connected virtually. It has great benefits, especially in the health industry. It can allow health practitioners to diagnose or treat the patients using state of the art diagnostic gadgets at a very long distance from the patient. It is by far the most effective way of diagnosing patients during this coronavirus pandemic and developing countries are more and more stepping forward to follow these practices in the medical field.

VoiP Trends - 5G Mobile Technology

3. Wireless energy transfer

Wireless energy transfer even though it already exists in the world right now but only a few examples just like the RAVPOWER fast charge wireless charging pad it transfers energy wirelessly to new smartphones and they are universal so more and more companies are banging in.

Without any doubt it’s going to be a remarkable change in the future when factories and industries would be running on electricity without the hassle and costly wires totally running on wireless energy transfer technologies, secondly, the potential damages of electric wires will be cut short.

Not to forget the autocorrect feature that is totally mind-blowing (AI) as it predicts and helps out whenever we try writing a text or something on Google on any device it just makes the sentence write down for us so great that whatever we are looking for it, it has made our daily life so easy to write down.

5. Screenless displays

Screenless displays it shows you the display without any screen which will provide you with higher resolution pictures, accurate color, and a 3-dimensional view of the image, we are sure that it will be less consuming of space as the traditional CRT screens so, it is the upcoming technology to overcome touch screen technology such as holograms, in computer games and, etc. 

6. Internet of things

Internet of Things - IOT

Internet of things which refers to the ever-growing number of smart devices, currently they are functioning as standalone devices it seems tech companies are putting their efforts into making every device digital or non-digital connect together at the same time. Such technology has already impacted the health sector such as the Endotronix heart failure system it makes the doctors and the patients connected while alerting early detection of heart failures and diagnose more efficiently pain-related issues. Some of the other examples are switching on and off your air conditioners, dimming bedroom lights and etc. through (IoT) smart devices.

7. Virtual reality devices

Virtual reality devices these are headsets which makes you mentally feel you are all in the game and everything is happening in front of your eyes such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and, etc. The medical industry is always around the edge of technology such initiatives have been taken by the king’s college London clinical research facility as they have used this upcoming technology to cure patients diagnosing from bipolar disorder.

8. Cloud and edge Computing

Cloud and edge computing where the data is stored in other computers and can be accessed through the internet from any remote place, edge computing where data is transferred or processed on smart technologies like transferring money from smartphones and, etc.

9. Robots in the future

Robots in the future we are about to see more and more collaborative robots working with us in different industries like agricultural robots, in drug pharmaceutical industries. You might be knowing Mr.Buddy a whole package of house entertainment it can help you in your everyday activities such as making video calls, keep you updated while you are out of the home, bring in the recipes while cooking and help your children learn.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about the advanced computer science technology where the technology is put to action and doing it automatically without directly involving any human being. Use of (AI) in academics and web content writing involves Tools like, Plagiarism checker, Grammar corrector, and paraphrasing tool.

Paraphrasing tools are an automatic article rewriter which totally replaces the words, sentences, or the entire paragraph with a totally different concept. In simple terms, we can say it is a sentence changer with the same meaning, while still being within the boundaries of relevant words, or in simple words, it summarizes the whole content in its own unique method to show a different article.

10. Drones and driverless cars

Drones and driverless cars we have already seen it drones flying taking pictures, making videos, and supervising agricultural farms on the other hand experiments are going on by different tech companies driving cars driverless but still, these are in the initial stages sooner or later we would see drones and driverless cars get involved in rescuing related activities or in transportation companies.

Well, the sky is the limit of how technology is changing our lives, so many will come out as winners whereas others will lose out. But in the end, it’s the consumer who gets rewarded the most.   

As technology is ever-changing, every now and then something new is been discovered or introduced into the technosphere. The aforementioned are the upcoming technological advancements for 2020 and the future.




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