Video Game Technology Makes Major Advances – See the changes!

New video game technology has proven to flourish this year. There is a high anticipation of video game consoles and upgrades which will only bring the current status to another level.

OUYA is a mobile gaming console that is going to revolutionize the market in June and the angle of its concept is definitely unique. OUYA uses mobile games and allows the playing of these apps on an actual TV screen with an in-hand controller. The console will allow the playing of any Android games because it is always connected to Google Play. Users can expect access to other mobile services as well such as Google Movies, but the gaming is the main attraction. The OUYA holds a 1.7 GHz 4-core APU with a 12-core Geforce LP.

For the low price of just $5 gamers can play their favorite mobile games in a more luxurious setting and without the boundaries of your constricted smartphone screen.

Microsoft has added a new technology to the video game world which may soon become a standard with every gaming console. Microsoft’s illumiRoom debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and it is designed to add to the entire gaming experience. IllumiRoom works through the Xbox Kinect and it uses a dynamic light system to launch a changing display around your actual television screen to greatly enhance the visual feel and experience. The environment around the television matches that of the actual game inherently without any need for user settings.

Video Game Technology Developments

Xbox 720Xbox 720 new age gaming experience in real time

The next generation console from Microsoft, the Xbox 720, is sure to be one of the most popular systems for an array of reasons. The hardware behind the upcoming product will have to pack a powerful punch to display the proper graphics and ideal gameplay. The console will house an AMD Jaguar-based CPU with 1.6GHz. There is an expected AMD 7000 series in regards to graphics that is based upon a 28nm GCN.

The anticipation continues to build and because of Xbox 360’s success, the expectations are very high. Microsoft is planning to deliver to the eager gaming audience so we will have to wait and see how powerful the future console can take next generation gaming. Upon its release the Xbox 720 console will be used in all kinds of game based events including video game tournaments or even gaming conventions.

Wii UNetflix arrives on Wii U

Nintendo plans to come out with their newest gaming device by the end of 2013. The Wii U is an HD console that uses a hybrid tablet as a controller. The controller holds its own small screen so the console utilizes dual screen gameplay. The new Nintendo system will move things such as maps, status indications, and health bars to the controller’s screen from the game so that users will have a clear view of the environment within the actual game.

PlayStation 4Sony PlayStation 4

The PS4 will be the biggest competition to the new Xbox 720 and they are similar among a number of platforms. The PlayStation console will have 8GB of speedy memory which is a large pool that is easily reachable. Sony is known to bank on cloud gaming as well so the memory can be extended.

The PS4 continues its hardware package with an 8-core Jaguar AMD CPU and a dependable 1.84TFLOPS AMD GPU. High level graphics are a priority in new video game technology but the back end hardware makes for smooth gameplay with little to no glitches even when it comes to online play.

The future of gaming technology looks bright!

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