How to Make Your Site the Next Viral Nova

The Viral Nova site hardly ever puts out any new content, but it still gets millions of unique visitors every month. It’s totally possible to replicate their success, but it could take some work. Here are a few ideas to start you on your way to create a viral website like Viral Nova.

Building a Viral Website from Scratch: Viral Nova Overview

Viral Nova is a site that has articles targeting social media such as Facebook. The site rarely actually produces anything itself. Instead, it takes content from other sources and displays it linking to the source. It uses really eye-catching titles for content in order to drive views. The site then makes use of AdSense and other ad revenue approaches to generate money through the huge influx of traffic. The owners of the site plan on selling it off for a pretty penny in order to cash in while the site is hot.

Viral Nova like website

Domain Name Approaches

The first thing you need to do in order to get a Viral Nova type site going is purchase a quality domain name and web hosting package. Basically, you need to make sure the domain name is something catchy if you can swing it. The domain name should be straightforward as well, and not something that will confuse consumers. They need to be able to remember it.  You’ll need a host with multiple options for types of hosting including shared, VPS, dedicated and so on. It’s also important to make sure the web host you chose offers bandwidth upgrades that are cheap and easy to implement. A site in this mold will need to grow rather quickly, after all. It will also need to generate quite a large amount of traffic so you need to make sure that your web host can handle it. A web host that shuts down your site prematurely will be death for your business model.

Get Content

How to create a next Viral Nova website that generate traffic and sales without contentIf you want to model your site out of the Viral Nova model, you will need to gather content. You don’t need to generate any yourself, you simply need to find content that people will like that may have been overlooked and showcase it on your site. It can help to look at the site in particular and see what sort of content they have on their site in order to maximize content that people will love to share around since that is what the business model of this type relies on. It’s also important to put in titles that will be particularly clickable like “I couldn’t believe what happened when this panda came out!” This is what the viral website banks on because it creates excitement that will keep people not only clicking on your site, but sharing it with others as well. In order to make sure that they share with other on social media, you need to make it something that seems exciting enough to be worth it. A free website maker can help expedite the process of creating the viral website that your content will go on as well.

Social Media

The next trick is to look to social media. You’ll want to sign up for social media like Facebook and Twitter using handles that are the same as the name of your intended viral website. You then need to promote the site as much as possible. If you have an investment to put into promotion this is obviously best.

In the end, the success of your site will depend on how well you market the site and get it going in the first place. This is the most difficult and crucial part in the starting up of this type of site.






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    Nice posting and best of luck for you.

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    Viral Nova is no doubt is a good website and it provides unique content, i myself share this websites many times in social media platforms and some of my friends like it and they also share it so within 10 minutes of time that website gets something around 50 to 100 visitors only in my friend circle.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      That’s a lot from your side to Viral Nova alone.

      Viral Nova has reached a great level because of its style. I love the site, although, I didn’t know about it until this post idea came in.

      Thank you for commenting Karan 🙂

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    Wow, great information for every intending bloggers out there. I’m gonna follow these tips Olawale for my site. Thanks bro for sharing this post with us. 🙂

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    One thing you should mention is that search engine optimization has same importance that a good design have!

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      Hello MZ,
      If you are developer, by default you are required to design a state-of-the-art website that has all the ingredients of search engine optimizations. Search engine optimization is very important in web development because without it, your site won’t rank well, however, you also need a well-crafted design that will add value to the visitors that would arrive from search engine pages.

      But thank you for reminding me this 🙂

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    Using Html5, Css3 and javascript languages, we can easily create a best website.

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