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Windows Phone 8 Leaked

Windows Phone 7 is known for its great user interface. It has been the best user interface then the other mobile OS’s. Microsoft is aiming to launch new Windows Phone 8 this year.

This version of Windows Phone is codenamed as Apollo. It is proposed to be revealed after the Tango update. The user interface is a bit Windows 8 like and it will be having integration with Windows 8. Microsoft has aimed at creating anti-piracy products and WP8 and Windows 8 has been built keeping in mind this concept. Like the Androids and the iPhones WP8 is expected to have bigger screens with HD resolutions. Here’s a screenshot of the WP8.

The Windows Phone 8 is expected to run only on dual core processors.
It will also have NFC support allowing quick data sharing. Windows Phone 8 will also have Skype, SkyDrive integration. Well, Windows Phone 8 will be a mysterious wait for the users to get in the hands. So let the excitement begin for WP8…..


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  1. Microsoft has been creating “anti-piracy” software since 1995 and they get pirated the next day. The dual-core operation is good but bad news for people with older single core generation. Time for an upgrade i suppose! :/

  2. Really looking forward to it, if all the news reports are true. We’ve been really impressed with the current generation Windows Mobile Platform. We think Apple will be in for some really stiff competition from Windows.

  3. iPhone is one of the best company of mobile phone.I think many type of advantage of iphone.Nice display, good and smooth touch, very good colleciton of software, sound is very nice.Like you have a mini computer.


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