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50 Best Websites 2011

Time Magazine is an organization that focuses of producing the lists of top performing and nonperforming institution every year in different niche. They cover business, music and personal finance and many others. Every year, Time release lists of  best websites and how they tried to reach the top of the pack and here today are the outcome of this year top 50 best website 2011 that are performing great.

So, I present to you the list of the top 50 best website for the year 2011.

1. 8Tracks

8Tracks is a music site that has features which allow people to choose any tune of music they want to listen to and thereby have access to listen to it. It is a website that allow its members to upload music via the internet to its service and thereby allow other members to have access to listen to it or to share it via social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and others.


HBO (sister company to the TIME) has being in existence for the past decades as website that offers cable movies, sports and others to all homes in America. To show its high profile service, it has a web browser version where you can also be able to stream movies and programmes on your website browser and also on mobile phone such as iPad, iPhone or Android mobile phones and HTC.

Most of the users of HBOGO get easy access to the wild range of programs that the company delivers. Programs such as The Sopranos and the popular one Game of Thrones are favorites of the people that subscribe to HBO services via cable or satellite. In addition, they also offers on-demand access to all episodes of past shows on their network including boxing matches and others.

3. Howcast

This website is quite different from YOUTUBE  and what makes it different in this sense is the way the site was developed. When you are looking for solution on how to guides, the best place to find it is on Howcast. You can get everything you want in form of a video on how cast. Topics ranging  “How to Become a Professional Cake Decorator” to “How to Build an Electromagnet” and many others are examples of what you should be expecting on the site. You can everything you want to learn about in form of a video tutorial on howcast for free.

4. My Damn Channel

My Damn Channel is place where you can catch the glimpse of the internet and enjoy yourself. The site is a short video broadcasting site where you can watch videos and other interesting shows that wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes.
The site looks pretty much professional than Youtube and many other video website son the internet in its appearance.

Some of the popular shows on the site are:

  1. Versailles with Fred Willard, Patricia Heaton and William H. Macy, spiced with some other funny people such as Harry Shearer and Bruce McCall.
  2. You Suck at Photoshop this is another show that many people love to watch on the site and some others.
  3. It is not all, where should we put the self-explanatory Cookin’ with Coolio? Absolutely nowhere, it is among some of the popular programs on the site.

5. TurnTable.fm

If you look very well at the name of this site, you will agree with me that the site bears good name that spells out what it is offering every individuals. The site Turn the table and make it easier for people to listen live to music on the go without hassle. You are the DJ or yourself with your friend, you can enter the chat room with one of your friends or you play everything with the animated cartoon. Everything on the website is 90% fun!

6. CafeMom

This is a website mainly designed to help Mom’s in giving each other advices and to help each others on how to solve some of the issues that can arise in their respective homes.

7. DearPhotograph

A site specialize on Photography and many other digital works.

8. Poptropica

Children, Kids puzzle and fun.

9. Proust

How would you feel if someone is ready to help you arrange your autobiography and make it easy for you to have better memories of your life? Proust is the best site on the internet, hanging over Facebook applications in helping you arrange your present and past memories.

10. Wonderopolis

What do you want to know? You want to learn every new things that happen everyday that are marvelous? Then, Wonderopolis is your best bet in arranging for you daily news, tricks, and information that you don’t even know about before.

The main function of the website is that, they help your kids and even you as an elderly person to keep on becoming a friend of your book, the aim of the site is to enforce you to “Learn new things everyday” and thereafter you can become someone better in the future. There are lots of questions and answers that you will need to answer or read about everyday to keep your brain fresh. For example, “How Does an Eraser Work?” and some others.

11. Bleacher Report

If you are looking for sport and entertainment news that is up to date and lively, this website is all at your disposal. You can read latest news and others from this site, articles from seasoned writers and authors. Check the site, it worth the rank!

12. Grantland

Grantland, is a site owned by ESPN and Bill Simmons. The site has lots of writes and contributors that make the site lively with latest athletic news and others. Another benefits of the site is that you can get free guides and others from some of the seasoned contributors on the blog to make you become an expert in your sporting career.

13. Jayski

This site looks just the same like Grantland but what makes it different is that, it covers racing stuffs while Grantland covers athletics and others.

14. Onion Sports Network

This is a website that devotes most of their time in providing sporting contents to their readers.

If you’re looking for the best place get  latest news on baseball, football, basketball, hockey and motorsports, then you need to check this site out!

15. SB Nation

This is another website that offers the same service just like Bleacher Report but what makes the site differnet is that, Bleacher Report offer sports news plus some entertainment while SB Nation provides all its users straightforward sport news that are mostly contributed by sport fans.

16. Big Think

Big Think is a website that offers you great benefits for your time spent on it, if you are looking for a better place to recharge your memory, this site is the answer because you will get lots of things that you can do on the site to make your day a success.

Just like what Harry McCracken

The reason GetHuman got on this list is because of the outstanding work which the website is offering many people throughout the whole world. Finding the real contact address of bigger companies and others is a big tasks and even if you find some on the website of a particular company, the receiver might even be a computer or it might happen that when you dial a number and you wouldn’t be able to talk to a real person but to receive a pre-recorded message and that is where GetHuman comes in to help you get real contact information companies. There’s no limit to the information that you can get from using this website, You can get information about bigger brands on the internet starting from Facebook to AT&T and others. So, check the site out!
18. Instapaper
Are you tired of reading a webs page that is very much important for you to read or the website page you visit is irritating you because of the aggressive ads on the site? Then this website is the solution to your problems. If you want to read a webpage at a later time, you can use this site to save the webpage till the later time when you will be able to read the contents of the site and another funny thing is that you can save the site page without ads and other annoying things on the site.The site work well and even good for mobile users like iPad and Android.
To use the site effectively, just click on the “Read Later” option of the site and you are ready to go!

19. ScienceDaily

Science daily is a website that offer links to all top news about latest science everyday. On the site homepage, you will get links to all news in different categories like health, ecology, energy, wildlife, computers and some other topics.

20. Techmeme
I have been talking about industries like sports, some tech, entertainment and leisure since and here comes a technology only site where you can get latest news all around the world of technology.
Gabe Rivera took most of his time to gather all tech related news all around the world to the site and provides a link back to the owner site for people to visit the site to read more about the article. If you are looking for TECHNOLOGY-only Google News, then have a look at the site and you will enjoy your visit. Many bloggers do visit the site on daily basis to get latest news of what is going on in the world of technology in order to update their readers.
Other site 30 remaining sites are listed below according to their URL’s…Please do check and have a look at what all the sites can offer you.
21.  DuckDuckGo [search engine services]
22. Evernote [Store notes of what you want to do later or in the future and remember it when it is right]
23. Join.me [Remote Access Site]
The best site to share a presentation with your friends and relatives throughout the world or to perform business presentation with large amount of people(up to 250 people) all over the world via your computer. It is in form of a social networking site, you can hook up with up to 250 people all over the web to share ideas or to get help in troubleshooting your computer or something else. The service is not totally free though, but it has free version that you can use.
24. Kickstarter [Good business idea funding]

25. LearnVest [Financial & Productivity]

Read other remaining sites here…..


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