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Wikileaks Is Back Online After Attacks

Controversial website WikiLeaks continues to remain online today, despite the continued efforts of a lengthy and massive DDoS attack. Beginning in August of this year, the site has come under constant attack by a distributed denial of service attack...

How to Improve Your Computer’s Speed and Performance

You may have noticed that your computer isn't quite as speedy as it used to be. Modern technology innovates at an incredible pace these days, and the best in market device you bought could be completely obsolete two years...

Is There a Difference between Free and Open Source Software?

Free and Open Source Software? Differences Proprietary software can be very expensive and the availability of open source and free software saves consumers about 60 billion dollars a year. Though many people think the terms are interchangeable, they are not....

How to Recycle Your Old Laptop and Other Common Tech Gadgets

Recycling old laptops or tech gadgets used to be almost impossible. You brought them to the dump and tossed everything into a giant bin, without ever really knowing what happened from there. In all honesty, most of what you...

Keeping Your Laptop and Other Tech Gear Safe While Traveling

Although you're probably leaving work at home when heading off for a vacation, chances are you're still bringing a decent amount of your technology with you. It's nice to get out of the office, but that laptop, tablet and...

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe and Secure in the Cloud

Cloud networks have many advantages when compared to traditional methods of file storage, say on hard drives, via on-site servers, or even at offsite data centers, for example. For one thing, the sheer amount of data that can be...

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