Is Bebuzee Set to Become the Most Popular Social Media?

Living in one of the most developed decades of all times in terms of technology, means that we are faced and bombarded with large amount of information and telling us what to do, what to buy, use, and so on. Whether it is through an advert displayed on your home page or a post of a friend showing his brand new pair of shoes we are certainly victims of information. As a society, perhaps we let ourselves be influenced by what we see, our friends do and try to copy them. If you do not agree with this statement then let’s take a look at a couple of examples and refresh our minds. First let’s go back a couple of years, back when most of us either had a MySpace or Bebo account.

A social media that pays

Back then we probably thought of how amazing MySpace was comparing to MSN Messenger, yes MSN! From going to chatting with friends and sending icons to posting pictures, personalizing your page to actually see what is going on with your friends life all at once without having to ask them individually, we must have thought ‘what a great invention’. All of the sudden we seemed to be more interested in logging in onto our profiles than anything else. However what happened next is crucial to my early statement which is when people left MSN Messenger, Myspace and other Social Networks to join Facebook. Eventually everyone started to close all their other accounts, simply because they did not want to be left out; and so names like Myspace and Bebo were left behind, for this reason we can agree that we do let ourselves be influenced by what is happening around us.

Okay, you might still not be convinced and say ‘Facebook gave us something better’ which by the way Facebook’s features were still very primitive back then. Here’s a thing though, posting pictures on Facebook or on any other platform is possibly one of the most envy provoking ways yet it influences users to post more and more pictures because they feel the need to brag about their lives to their friends. It is clear that we as a society take these factors seriously.

Bebuzee, the social network that pays

bebuzee social media
My Earnings Tab

As you may or may not know, Bebuzee is the first social network founded in the UK and the first Social Network to share its revenue with its users. It is also one of the fastest growing social networks with over 5 million users in the space of 3 months. You may say ‘wow that is impressive’, indeed it is! Bebuzee’s aim is not to take over the world (however it would not be a bad idea) but to make the world of Social Media a better place. Sharing ad revenue is their main characteristic and what makes them stand out; for every ad clicked you will earn $0.25 and for every 1000 impressions you will earn $0.50 also to mention that upon registering the user will receive a total of $1. These impressions depend on how much online traffic you create, how many friends you have and how interactive they are, of course. Bebuzee also ensures complete privacy and security of your data and will not sell it to any third parties, a great boost to their rapid growth. It is clear to see that Bebuzee’s mission is to provide the best service to its users by allowing them to get something in return. Providing a whole variety of amusing features Bebuzee believes they can bring the world to you rather than you going after it.

Bringing the world to you

The way Bebuzee wants to bring the world to you is by what they call ‘Shopping by images’. This is the newest feature which allows users to search for a product they have in mind on their Bebuzee account. Here they will be shown a catalogue of specific items the user is looking for from a whole variety of different brands. Let’s say a user is planning on buying someone a pair of sun glasses, by going onto the ‘shopping by images’ feature they can view a whole catalogue of sun glasses from various stores. Here they can choose which ones they like and click on that item. The user will then be directed to the purchase page of that item’s site to finalize their purchase. Joe Onyero, founder of Bebuzee says “we want to implement this new way of shopping to save people time instead of having to go to various different sites to look for an item”. This new way of shopping as confusing it may sound it is pretty straight forward, how many times do we go to buy a whole outfit but cannot find one in one single shop? By having a range of products from different brands all in one place makes the life of many much simpler. It is believed already by some a success.

Bebuzee social media
Profile Photo Gallery

Another feature implemented into their service is ‘Business +’. This is a Worldwide Search directory where users can search for both local business as well as international business. If you happen to have a whole new set of furniture coming to you but do not have the time to set it up yourself, then perhaps you can search for a company specialized in fitting furniture thorough Business + search while you socialise with your friends on Bebuzee page.

Users can also add their own business or products onto the service to start their propaganda. Joe Onyero says “this is the perfect place for you to expose your own business or product as it will be searched by a large number of users on Bebuzee”. “Business do not need to look any further if they are looking to expand fast” he concluded. Have your friends reviewing, endorsing and recommending it to all their other friends. If you do not feel like missing out on this great journey then do not hesitate to join the Social Network that not only gives you money to socialize but also believes in bringing the world to your screen. Bebuzee claims this is only the beginning of a great, bright, prosperous future.

Take 30 seconds of your life to feel the difference. Join Bebuzee.





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  1. Priscyla Avatar

    Bebuzze unaware of the network and through its matter can interact and have more of a social network for differential display my work .

  2. sazal Avatar

    No way to popular this time. But in future it must become a popular social media.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      I’m looking forward to that too 🙂

  3. shipon Avatar

    Very gooooood site.Thank you so much.

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