A new Social Network dubbed “the Saviour of Social Media”

A new Social Network dubbed “the Saviour of Social Media world”, because it promises to share revenue with its user and never sell user data to marketing companies or any other organization.

Bebuzee does not release numbers but says it has over 5 million registered users since its date Launch 1st of July 2014.
The Simple design consisting of Sky blue and red as its prime colours, Status updates and photo/video uploads are the primary functions. Friends are added to your network, Worldwide Business Directory useful for those searching from fish and chips to Big Suppliers. Rate my Pic feature added for users to gain photo popularity through a random list of pictures and gain more impressions through other user rating your picture for fun. Questions and Answers feature has a selective category for different questions from love to farming. Blogbuz Feature to create blogs while the blogbuz feed is shown from the most recent blog to the last. Messenger to keep in touch with your networks and share files plus notification button to keep track of any updates in your profile. My Earning Features are there to keep track of impressions earned and payment due. All This Features are there to break the business mould and accommodate its users to create traffic and earn money doing so.

For every new account open $1 is already earned and accumulated on my earnings tab, in 30 seconds it takes to join the user is already $1 dollar better off and the more you post the higher the impression counts on your earnings tab. For every 1000 impressions (views of content post) 50c of a dollar will be rewarded and for every click of an advert 25c of a dollar is gained. So the higher your network and influence the more impressions the user will earn on their account. Most Facebook users have 100s of friends and once the word goes out and you start finding friends on the

Bebuzee site, the easier it will be to gain 100s of impressions daily, the possibility for the site and the user is limitless and exciting.

Blogbbuz Feature was created to fulfill the need of blogging capabilities desired by users and not having to keep exchanging sites and promoting through links, why not build a fan base on a real Social Network and keep earning through impressions and clicks. On blogbuz you can easily share on other Social Networks to keep adding impressions, you can also add video formats for which I believe is now called vlogging.

“Rate my Pic” feature was added to generate more impressions and boost popularity of user photos, when you click on rate my pic feature you will find a random selection of photos in one screen, were you can rate from “love it”, “maybe” and “not really” and from then it will move on to the next photo. Users can also rate friends pictures when they go on their friends profile and click on the photos tab, you will see a photo gallery made of 5 strips were you can also rate, this is providing a tool for more impressions to be earned and generating traffic, no other Social Network has anything similar to “Rate my Pic”.

The World Wide Business Search Page is another innovative tool for the user, Search the type of Business, the Location and add your address so that a map screen will show you how to get there. We all want to find local restaurants but find searching on search engines a bit annoying and time consuming as there is not one website that has this kind of directory, if there is, some smaller restaurants are missing out because they do not wish to pay to advertise, but on Bebuzee it is totally free of charge, any user can add their business on this directory with no compromises.

The Data Collected from Users has fueled a boom in digital advertising Sector as marketers use it to target ads to the right people. Bebuzee is tackling with the reality, without ads no Social Network will survive and I doubt people will pay monthly fees to use a Social Network. Most Users have not left a Social Network because of ads, but to get paid to Socialise is a whole new Business Mould and be able to tackle the giants of Social Media.

Ads are there to display and show what the big brands are doing, in a free world we all want to have the freedom of information and ads help us make choices. We are accustomed to ads, but should the user be milked for money by Social Media indirectly or should we benefit too from the billions of dollars generated on this platform? I certainly hope most of us wish to benefit from such revenue, it will make the User a little bit happier and the company fulfill Socio-economic obligations. No other site offers monetary benefits just for socializing and doing what we all do every day on Social Networks.

With Younger consumers who feel that most Social Networks are not giving them what they want, been the case that this audience are less repetitive to traditional Marketing. You’ve got to ask yourself “Where is the alternative”? The Founder Joe Onyero said “The user is who we cater for and our business model will enrich the user experience through Revenue Sharing and Strict Data Confidentiality, nobody has thought of the user as the way we do”. For every post you share, every network friend you make and every blog or question you create it adds on to the amount of impressions you gain to accumulate money and be able to withdraw money for every $100 dollars accumulated. The Argument is you are treated as partners, with respect and not as a commodity, “You made us Global the USER” this is in Bebuzees DNA.

Overall Bebuzee Portrays itself as ethically correct, created out of the frustration of the users who have no ship to jump to. Bubuzee could be that ship, rewarding those (the user) that make things happen through a monetary fashion.
Were the internet is an open space with commercial value and why not all benefit and not only the same giants that have been allowed to monopolised this field.






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