Top 5 Best Driver Updater Software of 2020 You Can’t Ignore To Have

Drivers are major software components that enhance communication between the hardware peripherals and the operating system. Without a driver, computer hardware peripherals cannot work as expected. If you have outdated drivers on your PC, the chance of malfunction is very high. Hence, the need to always keep the computer in top shape at all times with a driver updater software. Now, the problem is finding the right software updater for your machine. Windows has an in-built software update functionality which aids the updating process for drivers and Windows components. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t have all it takes to combat today’s security threats as opposed to third-party tools out there. It can only update the known drivers while the unknown is left untouched. Secondly, it cannot bulk-update those drivers.

This arouses the need to find the perfect solution to finding the best driver updater that can fill the gap and figure out all outdated drivers and install them, as and when a new release is out in the market.

We are going to be listing out a few of the best Windows driver updaters you can use. Take note that, we are presenting this list after deep research, review, and comparison of all major factors of an effective software updater. You should pick any of these on your device so as to be on the safe side and enhance your operating system and hardware peripherals.

Check out the best driver updater software listed after detailed comparison, reviews and Pros & Cons that will work in 2020 for Windows users.

Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care is one of the best driver updater solutions out there that works better with Windows operating systems. It is a full-fledged system built to identify outdated drivers with the facility to update them accordingly without human intervention. Smart Driver Care software updater has a robust mechanism to streamline PC performance for quality performance.Smart Driver Care - Best Driver Updater Software

Features of Smart Driver Care

  • Has the largest driver database of more than 2.8 million entries to leverage from at the most affordable rate in the market.
  • It offers double insurance for a safer computer.
  • Updates system, outdated driver, by scanning your PC for missing, corrupt or outdated drivers susceptible to errors.
  • Smart driver care automatically scan for outdated and missing drivers.
  • It can also schedule a scan for outdated or missing drivers.
  • With a click of a mouse, it fixes all the driver-related problems and bugs.
  • It gives you the option to have a full or partial backup of your drivers before updating to new ones.
  • The roll-back function lets you return your computer to the previous state in case the update has some bugs.
  • It works with all old and new Windows OS.

Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced driver updater is the next best driver updater software that ensures keeping your system performance at the peak of it. It saves you time that you’d have spent on a long scan. It automatically keeps a track of all the latest driver updates and releases of new versions to ensure that the drivers are up to date and your system doesn’t stop when you need it.Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater Features

  • It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and Windows XP.
  • 32-Bit and 64-Bit OS compatibility.
  • Installs the latest drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website for a perfect match.
  • It can detect and fix bad or corrupt drivers on the system caused by hardware errors.
  • Multiple scanning modes like Quick scan, Automatic scan, Manual scan, Deep scan, or Schedule scan.
  • It has a stealth monitoring mode to silently scan software update files for malware and virus infections before downloading. This helps in avoiding virus updates push by the developer.
  • Driver updates download will automatically resume if the connection is interrupted.
  • Cloud download support to aid seamless access to the latest drivers.
  • It backup compatible drivers to the cloud and restore them in a click on-demand in the case of errors, without hassle.
  • Check the driver’s compatibility with the hardware before installing the updated driver.
  • The driver database embedded into this software makes it easier for you to not miss out on any new or important update.
  • The driver exclusivity feature helps list out unwanted or unused device drivers that need to be excluded.

Driver Booster Pro

Driver Booster 7 Pro is a product of Obit. Its forte is PC gaming hardware and drivers. If you are a Game Freak and have a lot of games with numerous hardware controllers, you can find the latest updated drivers on IObit’s Driver Booster Pro library. It supports Windows 10 and all its earlier versions.Top Driver Updater Software - Driver Booster Pro

Driver Booster 7 Pro Features

  • Auto-scan and detect missing, outdated and faulty system drivers.
  • Scheduled scans can also identify outdated, missing and faulty drivers without human intervention.
  • Unlock the default driver update speed limit.
  • Boost gaming performance by reallocating resources to aid its functionality.
  • Time-saving: It comes with a compressed driver preloaded files to save time.
  • Auto-update and auto-download, install and update drivers to the latest version during system idle time.

Avast Driver Updater

Avast is a well-known brand in the field of online security and virus prevention. With years of experience in this industry and millions of customers, the company is tirelessly working on providing multiple PC optimization products. Avast Driver Updater is one of such PC optimization tool that makes it easy for users to update their software on the go. It works excellently with Windows operating systems starting with Windows 7 then to all later versions. To use the software, you might need to have, at least, a 2GB disk space and 1GB RAM of memory. With a single click, it can initiate a quick scan however the drawback identified here is the free version is not that effective.Avast Driver Updater is one of the top trending best software updater for windows

Avast Driver Updater Features

  • It detects corrupt, missing and outdated drivers with ease.
  • Multiple scan modes.
  • Automatically update over 500,000 drivers for peak PC performance. Its big database boasts of half a million erroneous and outdated hardware drivers.
  • Better graphics with the ability to update in real-time to give you a smoother media editing, video streaming, and impressive gaming experience all at the same time.
  • Prioritize more on Printer, Scanner, Mouse, Keyboard, Video Cams, Headphones, Speakers, Monitors, etc.
  • Automatically fix hardware errors for optimal performance.
  • Prevents hardware problems with accuracy and log maintenance.
  • Less freezing and crashing.
  • Realtime scan mode keeps a check on new releases and installs them on a real-time basis.
  • The smart scan feature detects broken or outdated drivers with the aim to fix them.

AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater is one of AVG’s pride; though it is less popular as other software updaters out there, it is effective. At least, everybody knows about AVG antivirus, right? The limitation over here is that the free trial version only scans and detects outdated driver but not update them.AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater Features

  • Prevent repeated system crashes caused by outdated drivers.
  • It has a lightweight and easy to use console that reduces the load on the computer processor.
  • With over 500,000+ driver database, you can rest assured of getting access to majorly required update resources. However, some other unknown drivers might not be listed there.
  • It focuses more on quality sound, multimedia, and other connectivity drivers for uninterrupted connections.
  • It scans and identifies outdated drivers from hundreds of hardware manufacturing websites.
  • Fix dropping Wi-Fi connection.
  • Resolve slow internet connection problems.
  • Speeds up internet browsing, video streaming, and internet downloading.

  • Extra features for improved and overall system performance.

  • Auto-scans every nook and cranny of your systems for missing, outdated, or corrupt drivers. 

  • Checks for the official system drivers from over 100 major hardware manufacturing brands like HP, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Samsung, Brother, Compaq, Intel, Lexmark, Dell, Acer, LQ, Sony, and Canon, etc.

  • Takes a snapshot of all the drivers to the cloud for future use.

  • It restores back to previous stages in case of unwanted changes.

  • Reduces hardware errors and glitches by installing drivers one by one to reduce the chances of hardware problems.

Rounding up on the best driver updater software out there!

Of all the best driver updater software listed above, which one does suit your computer. Let’s talk about them in the comment section. Take note that these Windows driver updater softwares were selected after series of research, comparison and tests.





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    In the event that you have obsolete drivers on your PC, Driver Booster is incredible. In any case, you can’t uninstall old or undesirable drivers in the program. The most ideal approach to assess driver update programming is to perceive how well. Best earphones 2020: Wireless earphones, earbuds, and that are only the tip of the iceberg.

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