CannonBall Audio Speaker; A Truly Revolutionary Jump in Speaker Design and Utility

Is Cannonball Audio speaker stylishly becoming the goto solution for music lovers of this age?

The CannonBall Audio 360º Bluetooth Speaker is the first ever Waterproof 360º audio speaker. This unique combination of 360º audio and waterproof durability opens up a fresh potential for on-the-go, wherever you are music! The ability to blend the modules and with an IPX7 Rating, makes it a fun way to listen to music in any environment.

Judah Uziel, the company founder and creator said;

“Cannonball Audio was orchestrated out of a deep love for sound and design and the ability to experience and listen to your music anywhere you are. We have a global vision of creating a speaker that could be used by anyone anywhere around the globe.” 

CannonBall Audio Speaker packaging display.
CannonBall Audio Speaker packaging display.

The Cannonball is a fully submersible floating speaker that spots a 360-degree sound and rugged design made to withstand any form of environment. The IPX7 rating makes this speaker capable of being submersible up to 1 meter for 30 or more minutes. It has a 33FT of wireless audio range so that the listener is able to stream their favorite audio music from a far distance effortlessly. It also spots a patent pending spring-lock design that keeps the round Cannonball audio speaker inert and motionless when it is not floating in water.

According to the company’s statement, Cannonball Audio’s compact design will not compromise its sound quality. To add to this is the rubberized shock-shielding cover that will help you to maintain the speaker’s durability. A surprising addition to the powerful cannonball audio is the existence of a built-in microphone system that will ensure the user can answer calls even when partying by, or in the pool.

See the image below for an example of what you should expect from the Cannonball Audio speaker!

Cannonball Audio Speaker Is Waterproofed
Cannonball Audio Speaker Is Waterproofed…you can use it ANYWHERE, even inside your swimming pool!

In a nutshell, to the casual observer, the cannonball audio speaker is undeniably and distinctly manufactured with the highest quality of materials and has a very durable feel, while providing a light weight feel. And the good news for buyers is, each Cannonball audio speaker will come with a one year limited warranty.

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Key Features of Cannonball Audio speaker

  • IPX7 Rating: Be able to bring your speaker with you anywhere. With its IPX7 Rating, the speaker is fully submergible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • 360º Audio: Sound all around! With its spherical structure, the speaker has a 360º sound system rather than a one or two-dimensional speaker only pushing the sound one way.
  • Floatable: The speaker is counter-balanced for optimal audio direction while floating
  • Wireless: Stream your music from up to 33FT!
  • Durability: Rubberized Shock-Absorbing cover for durability
  • Patents: The CannonBall has patented  stabilization in water and on land.
  • Built-in Mic: The built-in microphone enables you to make outgoing calls through the speaker for convenience sake.
Other key Cannonball features that we can't fail to mention
Other numerable features of Cannonball audio speaker which we cannot fail to mention are; a full one year warranty to ease your fear!; IPX7 which is submersible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes; Floating technology which is aimed at counter-balancing for maximum delivery; a 33FT wireless streaming range for effective communication between devices; an elongated playback time of 8 hours for optimal listening experience and host of others. What else do you want?

Cannonball Audio Speaker Specifications

Availability and Pricing

There is an ongoing Kickstarter fundraising campaign towards raising funds for the mass production, running of marketing and campaigns and distribution of this revolutionary speaker all over the world. The CannonBall Audio Speaker is available now for pre-order at a limited time offer at a special promotional price of $75 in standard black color at a reduced discount of 50% off the suggested retail price fixated at $149. Additional rewards are available with higher pledge amounts.

About CannonBall Audio

Driven by a passion for audio, CannonBall Audio developed an innovative product that inspires and enables people to be creative. Based in Manhattan, New York, the CannonBall Audio team has spent their blood, sweat and tears into this project making sure of it’s prodigiousness.

I’d not be surprised if the Cannonball audio speaker eventually go all the way to become an ever-present solution for music lovers across the globe. And my reasons are, its got almost all the features to convince the world to give it a try in their homes. My kudos to the great guys at Cannonball Audio, well done!






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