Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad

Music is a part of everyone’s life and makes all of us feel delight. It gives enjoyment beyond any barriers of language and is universal. That is why loads of gadgets come with options for listening to music and to make the music lover in you satiated. Here are the 10 best music apps for your Apple devices. You can create music, download ringtones and have loads of fun with these apps.

Top 10 Best Music Apps by Popular Demand

Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad1. Djay2

No longer, the DJs have to carry bulky record players for the party. iPad and Algoriddm together have made the job easy for them. Also, with the iOS 7.1 upgrade, the app too has been upgraded. The DJs can now see the music running in the waveform. This is much easier for the DJs to play and mix music. Viewing in the waveform view is optional, and there are default modes too.

2. Stezza

Many countries and the States of the US have laws about calls and sending texts. In such places, it is wiser to use the apps that do not disturb the people around. When you use Stezza, you have bigger buttons to control your music apps. All the controls like skipping, pausing and playing the songs can be done with a tap and you need not concentrate completely on the device. Sideways glance will do the magic for you. The UI also lets you change colors to suit your car’s interior.

 3. Google Play Music 

With the iOS version of the music player, you can listen to any radio station, mix, and create albums and songs, and it is absolute fun. You can also listen to a playlist created by the Google music experts. More than 20 thousand songs can be added to your personal playlist.

4. Auria LE 

This is an iPad app that lets you record 48 tracks. If you don’t feel that the number is required, choose a lighter version that lets you record 24 tracks. You can view the download ringtones, play them n waveform. Waveform editor is best the option to cut copy and edit any part of the track.

5. TNR- e US 

This is an app created by a set of artists, who enjoyed mix matching music, and this had given ways to collect awards for the innovative idea. The same was launched by Yamaha for the iOS devices as TNR-I. Now, the TNR E, lets the users enjoy much more. This app is for everyone, and you can listen to house, electro and dubstep genres.

6. Music Studio 

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. This is software that helps in complete music production. Compared with the competitors, this app offers great quality of sound. The app consists of drum pads, 85 key keyboard, 125 studio recorded instruments, of which 65 come for free, and the rest can be got from the iTunes store.

7. AmpliTube

If you hate to take your guitar with you when you are out, then this iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch compatible app is for you. The iPhone becomes a guitar effect processor. You can also modify the tempo to suit your needs.

8. Sample Tank 

This app is compatible with iPhone 3rd generation, and iPod Touch 3rd generation gadgets. This can also be used in iPad. You can find almost all the instruments in this app, and this is the perfect choice to record on the move. This app has a built in keyboard and drum pads.

9. NanoStudio 

This is one of the most popular apps to create music in iPhone. This app lets to record the songs live, and the tracks too can be mixed real time. You can find 16 instruments, and mixer that let a channel with four inserts.

10. Four Track 

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod. You can make records, mix and upload audio tracks with this app.


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  1. Martin Avatar

    Great list, I think Djay2 is deservedly no. 1. I would have to check out the other apps though as I have never used them, but I’m pretty happy with Djay2. The things you can do with this are amazing.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks for voting DJay2 up. It is a cool music app for iphone and ipad users. 🙂

  2. Larry Frank Avatar
    Larry Frank

    Nice list you have here, but is the list graded according to their numbers?

  3. Dres Avatar

    apps , hard to make one !


  4. Muhammad Irfan Avatar

    great collection thanks daniel for sharing this post

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You’re welcome here Irfan bro 🙂

  5. Mike Avatar

    These music apps truly sounds like impressive. Even, I am aware with Google Play Music and Music Studio. But, I also like to know some more about comprehansive music making apps specially for iPhone and iPad.

  6. david Avatar

    hmm that’s great work and nice information about apps

  7. Lollie Avatar

    Thanks for the list. Will try some apps in this article.

  8. Allan Avatar

    I have been using default music app for my ipad. After seeing your post now im using djay2. This is my favorite. Thanks dude.

  9. Robert_Ferrera Avatar

    Hey Olawale Daniel you wrote such a quality post of information related to top apps related to music . List of top music apps sounds good and get all information in one post which is great and impressive effort by you. Now a day s i am using Spotify but i will now try to use these apps. Such a good piece of new information. I will love to share it with my friends.

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