Web Push Notifications: Evolution Of Google Chrome Web Push Notifications [INFOGRAPHIC]

Chrome is the most popular and widely used web browser in the world on both mobile and desktop. It has always been one of the innovators who constantly keep striving to make themselves the best browser. So there were no surprises when it became the first browser to support web push notifications.

The evolution of Google Chrome browser stats by StatCounter
Chrome Web Push: The evolution of google chrome browser web push notification stats compared to competitors by StatCounter.

Web push Notifications are swift, succinct and personalised. They are customizable, thus making it easier to send out personalised push notifications to the right people at the right time. This modern and refreshing way of communication makes it easier for the marketers to take advantage of both mobile and desktop. Website push notifications for ecommerce websites play a vital role as they need to be in constant touch with their users. Web push notifications help to boost user engagement and increase retention.

From Chrome 42 to Chrome 53, it was one of a kind journey of innovation, revolution and transformation of web push notifications. Push notifications have changed the way marketers function and has evolved the concept of marketing in a way no one ever imagined. Now, Chrome pushes 18 billion push notifications everyday and over 50K websites use web push notifications.

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This infographic shows how google has over a short span of time tweaked to make push notifications as we now know it. It projects the major milestones in the development of Chrome web push notifications from the day of initiation to the present.

Web push notifications are the future of marketing and Google chrome is going to play a major role to make it the best channel for marketers.

The Evolution of Chrome Web Push Notifications

The Evolution of Chrome Web Push Notification
The Evolution of Chrome Web Push Notifications

Do you use Google Chrome browser? How has Push notification integration into your browser feels like to you? Could you share your views with us?


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