Two Nigerian Teenage gurus got tired of Google Chrome, built their own web browser

“We got tired of waiting for Google Chrome to load on our phone, then we decided to create our own browser; Crocodile Browser Lite”

Many times, we complain when we encounter a problem, this is not the same with the case of 13 and 15 years old Nigerian brothers; Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime.

These young chaps got tired of waiting another seconds for Google Chrome browser to load on their phone and thus; they decided to build a faster web browser.

Crocodile browser liteOsine and Anesi Ikhianosime

The duo young coding whiz are ordinary African teenagers who attends Greensprings School, Anthony campus, Lagos, their hobbies are; making friends, Soccer and of course Coding.

Osine and his brother are always tired of the slow speed at which Google Chrome load on their phones and decided to do something about it instead of complain.

Crocodile browser liteLast year, they decided to build a better mobile browser which they called; Crocodile Browser Lite. The browser is currently available on Google Play store for download; I actually downloaded a copy and found the browsing speed amazing.

Education and technology is the bedrock of a better life, that is the belief of the parents of these whizzes, no wonder their kids were able to perform some wonders in the world of technology. Their mother thought them how to use the computer even before they started learning to read. They have always been fascinated with technology, creating, building and solving problems.

At age 7 and 9, the duo knew they would like to start their own technology company. Getting an inspiration from the Microsoft Windows platform, they decided to name their company “Doors,” and later changed to “Blu Doors” after they got to know that the name “Door” had been taken.

At ages 12 and 14, they started learning how to code on their own using their school computer.

“I started learning how to code by myself in 2013, I used sites like Code Academy, Code Avenger and books like; “Games for Dummies” and “Android for Game Development” said Anesi.

Creating a better browser for low end phones is a necessity in the developing world, while Google Chrome and other web browser are great on high end smart phones, other world are not able to access these big technologies and they needed a low-end option that will still look great and quick in response, so this is what these young men are up to. They built a better mouse trap for their phones.

The latest version of the Crocodile Browser Lite version 3.0 will be made available on Google Play later in the year and it is something you should check out to give these young guys support.

They have an ambition of attending MIT in the USA because of the great resources they will access to furnish their dreams.

With this crocodile browser lite, do you think these guys deserve to be bestowed a chance in the African technology ecosystem? I strongly believe they are worth it for their age. 



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11 responses to “Two Nigerian Teenage gurus got tired of Google Chrome, built their own web browser”

  1. Encanamentos bh Avatar
    Encanamentos bh

    I really believe that everyone can make your own history, and this boys are doing it in a brilhant way!

  2. Sarah Avatar

    It amazes me how kids can be so brilliant at such a young age. Great read of the day.

  3. Phelix Ram Avatar
    Phelix Ram

    Its Amazing He is thing about more then fast from Google…
    Salute of these boys for his Thinking.

  4. Tarikul Islam Avatar
    Tarikul Islam

    Hats off both of them, they did really an amazing task, admire both of you.

  5. Tony Onwujiariri Avatar
    Tony Onwujiariri

    This is really amazing. Nigerians are very resourceful and this clearly speaks. I would down load this browser and see for myself.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You really need to because it does what they claim it will do. Very fast and simple to use. We’d soon publish the interview of these dudes on our platform here. They are amazing kids and blessing to Africa continent as a whole.

  6. Karotcu Avatar


  7. james Avatar

    i really love the spirit we have here in Africa we are heading somewhere we can be independent on our own. thanks guys and keep it up

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes James, you’re absolutely right. Africa is the motherland of the world. We, Africans, are creative, agile, independent, talented, resourceful and vibrant. We shape the world of technology and commerce. Go and look around the world of science and technology, and see if you’d not see an african at the helm of affairs. The only challenge we are having is that we hardly support and reason together and God is already on our sides, we are coming together now to appreciate our own.

      Thanks for your time James.

  8. muhammad mahmud Avatar
    muhammad mahmud

    i love livestock farming because if not for them what are we going to eat in this world is it sand or what

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar


      I like your thinking Muhammad. We can’t do without agriculture, but all other aspects of life also matter such as embracing innovation and applying them to our wellbeing.

      Thanks for coming over here 🙂

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