Document Conversion Solutions for Enterprises: Automating The Process of Business Conversions

One thing that every business enterprise has in common is the vast amount of data and information they generate on a daily basis. From confidential information to the regular list of materials and supplies, enterprises have all kinds of data stored in their systems.

Now, this data is shared within the enterprise and with the outsiders who are the suppliers, vendors, customers, stakeholders, etc. The data is also in various formats depending on the system that was used to generate it. That means the data has to be converted to other formats when sending it to others. This is where the document conversion solutions come into the picture.

The output management systems come with a document conversion software that enables the employees to convert the information in numerous formats to other formats such as PDF, SecurePDF, PDF/A, etc. The documents are also given a digital signature as a proof of authenticity and have extra protection when they are being shared to unknown recipients and metadata stores the steps performed during the process for future references.

Automating The Process of Business Document Conversions

The document conversion solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the following systems.


    • The document conversion services can be expanded to perform additional functions such as adding status information, validity notes, signature displays, etc.
    • Over 50 different input and output formats are supported.
    • All key storage methods are supported for document files such as Content Server, ArchiveLink, file system, URLs.
    • Reconverting, refiling, file exporting, etc. can be carried out either once or repeatedly.


    • The conversion to appropriate formats takes place automatically in the background.
    • This is possible for both mass conversions and interactive conversion of individual documents.
    • Different target formats are generated based on the file types of those that need to be converted.
    • The conversion process is a part of the workflow. The process can be monitored anytime directly in the Teamcenter.


    • SharePoint is a web application that covers several of the typical applications in an enterprise.
    • Adding the conversion solutions to SharePoint helps the employees carry out interactive document conversions within the SharePoint environment.
    • Parameters can be set to define the scope of the conversion process and the process can be monitored directly using the DPF Tracker.


    • Emails are a boon when it comes to communicating on a daily basis with numerous persons involved with the enterprise.
    • When files in various formats are received from suppliers, vendors, etc. the employees prefer to convert them to standard formats before storing them in the system.
    • The emails with information that need to be converted are sent to special exchange mailboxes where the pre-defined parameters are invoked and the information is converted. The employee is updated once the process is complete.


    • This is a web service where the employees send the data that needs to be converted to the company that provides conversion solutions.
    • The company does the job for them and informs the employees once the process is complete. This reduces the load on the existing systems.

The output management system can perform the following conversions with ease.

  • PDF/A is an ISO standard long term neutral format which is one of the most preferred formats to save the data.
  • CAD Conversion is where the files and designs in CAD are converted to neutral long term formats. The recipients need not have to use a CAD viewer to access the files.
  • Files from Microsoft and Apache Office are converted into standard PDF/A format.
  • Optimal Character Recognition makes it possible to recognize the texts in scanned documents.
  • Outlook conversion is where the files received via Outlook are converted to standard formats before being saved to the system.

A corporate conversion server is an efficient document conversion engine that performs the task of converting all files on a company-wide basis. The server can be integrated into the existing IT interfaces. It is a uniform infrastructure that creates many cost advantages to enterprises. The servers offer possibilities for straightforward configuring, and management of processes and structures. By automating the process by leveraging a conversion solution, employees can save time to focus on the core aspects of their job.





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