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Make Free HTML5 Presentations, Infographics and Animations with EWC Presenter

Easy WebContent Presenter (also called EWC Presenter) is an all-in-one cloud based tool that allows you to create great contents to convey your thoughts, messages, product and services to your audience in a visual and interactive manner.

I bet, this package is a big alternative to other web based applications that cost you hundreds of dollars to create your content.  It is currently in Beta and free, it covers about five applications you could have spend close to a thousand dollars on, and seriously, its end product yields an excellent result. Easy WebContent has not paid me for this review, but I chose to do this review based on the result I got from using the Easy WebContent product, and I believe it will be useful for my audience.

Let’s go down to the History Lane of Easy WebContent

Traditionally for you to create standards presentations you had to consult the popular and soon to be outdated Adobe Flash or the Microsoft PowerPoint, go to the web, you will see how much you need to pay to get these stuffs. Not everyone could afford this. PaymanTaei and his team have done a great job creating the EWC Presenter product.

According to Crunchbase, Easy WebContent is a collaborative effort between professional web designers and the HindSite Interactive, Inc developers. HindSite Interactive Inc, established in 2001 is a web based consulting company giving custom web solutions to organizations and business. In 2008, the team came together and created Easy WebContent via sensing a demand for fast, cost effective, simple effective method of website editing. With this WYSIWYG system, website owners can access their site content without prior technical training or big expenses. Easy Web Content considers every business in mind, whether multi-million dollar or startup, no matter the level and knowledge of your web design.

EWC Presenter was announced in the fall of 2012 and went beta early 2013, the cloud based HTML5 animator tool sets users into creating complete web and mobile friendly interactive content. The power of the EWC Presenter is limited by the imagination of the user. It is made to create web and mobile friendly animations, presentation resumes (presumes), interactive presentations, interactive Infographics, banners and lots more. The published work is easily integrated through all major social networks, websites, digital documents and blogs giving users additional stream of communication that will better engage their audience.

Founder and President of Easy WebContent, Payman Taei stated “Presenter is meant to simplify the traditional process of creating animations and presentations; What traditionally required hours of tedious work with design experience is now put in the hands of everyone who wants to create engaging content”. He continued

“Our goal is to change and improve the way users communicate content. Traditionally content has been static, composed of primarily text.  Through the use of Easy WebContent Presenter, we want to give the user the control and the know how to visually drive their message.”

EWC Presenter which was launched in the fall of 2012 as closed beta and went open beta early 2013.

Follow me as I expose Easy WebContent all-in-one to you

Here is what the Easy Web Content Presenter can do for you;

  • Animations for Web or Mobile
  • Web Presentation
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Product Demos
  • Presumes (Interactive Resumes)
  • Teasers and Landing Pages
  • Mock-ups
  • Banner Ads and Advertisements
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Carousels etc.

After the Easy WebContent website builder that enable user to create professional looking website without prior knowledge of design and coding became a success, the company went ahead to unleash the power of HTML5 into the hands of everyday users with the Easy Web Content Presenter.

The Powerful tools packaged on the Easy WebContent Presenter Includes:

  • Templates for HTML5-based presentations, product demos, Infographics and banner ads.
  • Drag and drop photos, shapes, videos, audio, icons and other great media content directly and customize them.
  • Tools for animation to make presentations and Infographics more interactive and engaging.
  • Special effects to add reflection and drop shadows to text, image and other contents.
  • Embedding and publishing tools that allow what you create to be viewed by anybody on any device via any browser without having to install a special plugins as opposed to traditional tools that rely on flash.

A full beta version of the EWC Presenter is available on www.ewcPresenter.com as the author’s plans to open a public Beta later with pricing details. That could come any time from now, it is better you take opportunity as the floor is still open for the free version.

Pros and Cons of Easy Web Content Presenter

Everything cannot be perfect, all things with advantages also have flaws, and these are the pros and cons of the Easy Web Content Presenter

Pros of EWC Presenter

  • It is simple with powerful editing tools; even your grandma can use it.
  • No server-side configuration to use

Cons of EWC Presenter

  • It works in you browser (for many that’s a Pro)
  • Some features may require a 5-10 minute learning curve.

Easy WebContent Presenter adds new features

Few days ago, a newsletter signed by Payman Taei was sent out to all Easy WebContent subscribers of which I am one.

The letter titled “New Features Since Last Time You Used Presenter” reads:

We promised and we’re keeping our word

We promised to listen to our users and continually improve Presenter. At Easy WebContent we have spent the last 16 months in heavy development and testing before reaching our Public Beta version.  In fact we revamped the entire front-end of the Application twice based on our closed beta feedback.

It’s time you revisit Presenter because we have new features and updates you should check out!

Since our Beta launch in early April, we have rolled out 15 new improvements and adjustments to the system.  Majority of these improvements are the result of user feedback including yours.

1. Infographics Category launched EWC Presenter Infographic creator wizard

Now you can also create Infographics. WE have 4 templates available and many more in production.  In fact as we roll out more widgets our templates will become more engaging and interactive.

2. We have 3 new infograph widgets

Access them under Infographs tab. They are interactive so you can better visualize content.

3. We now have interactive text

Easy Webcontent Presenter - Save and Publish to the Web

You gotta check this one out.  Under Text tab you can now add animated text.  Just drag and drop the style and it will animate itself.

4. Quick Animate Refined

EWC Presenter Animatioin creation wizard

Creating animations just got easier! Previously you had to go through multiple steps to apply an animation effect to an object on stage.

Now you just click on object and then animate object and within a click select from over 10 animations effects to introduce or take away objects from the stage.

5. We have flickr Integration!

EWC Presenter Integration with FlickrYou can now access tens of thousands of images through Flikr and use them on your own project.

Simply drag an image icon to the stage and from the pop-up select the Flikr tab to search and access thousands of results.

6. Share Function Enabled

The new EWC Presenter Save, Share, and Publish Function

On Publish you can now share your project on popular Social networks including Facebook, Twitter among others; as well as Email it.

The company also fixed a number of bugs on the platform

  • YouTube video remained on all slides in Presentations  (Resolved)
  • When you move stage using mouse, Scrollbars lagged (Resolved)
  • Applying background on presentation template intro screen appears (Resolved)
  • Refinement of bullet positions on text-list tool (Resolved)
  • Rendering of text – Last letter cut on text content (Resolved)
  • Switching category object tabs (ex. Icons, Images) the icons category reset (Resolved)
  • Expand/collapse timeline bottom scroll bar moves to incorrect position (Resolved)

Go to www.ewcPresenter.com and give it a try.

The Comment box below is open for feedback, I’d love to hear your views about EWC Presenter, also known as Easy WebContent Presenter.

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