FYI – Facebook Share Dialogue Preview Bug + Updates

Share Dialogue Preview bug and the updates

Over the last week, we have reported and monitored a bug within Facebook that impacts the sharing of website content to Facebook. Facebook is currently affected by this bug, and it is causing image previews not to display in the share dialog for all websites across Facebook. For content that has recently been published, the og:image will not be presented in the share message preview. It is affecting a large number of sites on the Facebook Platform. Facebook has acknowledged the bug on their end and is actively working to fix it.

FYI - Facebook Bug affect Share Dialogue Preview

The details of this bug are that the “Fetch New Scrape Info” button / API endpoint works, but does not update the image in the share dialogue preview. Your sharing should still work normally, despite the preview not displaying.

While this issue isn’t caused by any , we wanted to make you aware of it.

You can see additional details about the bug and track status here.

This is currently the #1 priority bug within Facebook and across all of other Facebook platforms, so we expect it to be resolved quickly. We’ll put up another article or update the existing one on the status once the issue is resolved. But you can keep yourself updated by staying glued to read from this page.

Until Facebook resolves this bug, here is how the bug will impact you:

  1. The share message preview may not include a picture. We have seen instances where the image is correctly populated after the share is posted, but this behavior is inconsistent.
  2. Facebook may serve the wrong image in the share message. Sometimes we have seen Facebook publish a random image from a given page, but this behavior is also inconsistent.

In the meantime, other aspects of sharing are working well on Facebook. Shares are still being posted and attracting visitors, but engagement may be lower than usual. We are monitoring the situation and will let you know as soon as it is resolved. FHJFJ

Thanks, and have an awesome day!


The bug, reported earlier on above, according to the Facebook Team, has been taken care of as I’m writing this.

FYI - Facebook Bug affect Share Dialogue Preview Issue Resolved

As of last night, Facebook resolved the issue and images will now appear as they should in the share dialogue preview when your content is shared. You can check and verify if this Facebook share dialogue preview issue continues at your end and let me know if there’s any below.





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  1. Alexander Miller Avatar
    Alexander Miller

    Facebook is a best social Media site. We can share our business data in all over world .and we can also connect the people so our business are grow up .so thanks for sharing it information.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes Alexander, you are right.

      Facebook is cool, although I prefer other social media networks to it due to its recent privacy and news feed changes.

      Thanks for staying around.

  2. biodorates Avatar

    Facebook is growing everyday and developping there promoting way. I think if they continue the same way, they will cause great problem to google. They have started a fight and it won’t end until one of them eat the other.

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    nice post……Thank you so much for these tips

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    Winnie C

    Techatlast posts are always very informative.

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