What Is Prepaid Mobile Internet, And How Can It Work For You?

A prepaid Internet package is something that is becoming more and more popular now. It could be that demand has increased and so the market has moved to compensate, or it may be that the market started to offer/advertise prepaid Internet packages and so people have started to respond. Whatever the reasons, there are now more prepaid mobile Internet packages available than there have been in previous years. They are available in most Anglo-Saxon countries (the ones that speak predominantly English) and parts of Europe.PrePaid Internet Services: Free Mobile Internet

Prepaid Internet is a slightly new concept

This is not because something being pre-paid is specifically new; it is just a new way of dealing with your mobile Internet. Your package turns your phone into more of a modem than anything else. You pay for a certain amount of Internet usage in advance, but you are not forced to use it on the mobile device you bought it for. You will also have to purchase your Internet usage in unites, and these units are usually in GB.

You can use the Internet on the device you bought it for and browse the Internet, or you can use your mobile device to manage your Internet. People with smartphones will have access to what is called “Prepaid Wireless Broadband”, whereas people with non-smartphones are stuck with the regular old Internet.

Who would gain the most from prepaid Internet?

Probably people who are light users of the Internet or moderate users. People who are looking to download music and videos are going to suffer when it comes to prepaid Internet, as they will blow through their allowance in days instead of weeks. If you classify yourself as a heavy Internet user then you will be better off with an unlimited mobile Internet plan.

People can buy prepaid internet for a lot of things. They can buy it for their laptop, Smartphone, mp3, tablet, or even for their PC if they have an Internet dongle plugged in.

Compare the prices of packages before you buy

There are different price packages that you can find with different companies. The more data that you buy then the more money you have to pay, but the price per unit (per GB) is often massively reduced. You should also keep in mind that your prepay package will also have a time limit, unlike pay-as-you-go mobile credit. Some companies also offer far better technology for connecting to the Internet. If a competing company starts to offer exclusive new technology, you can always change supplier.

You can choose a shorter time limit for your usage

You can buy prepaid Internet that will expire in a month, but if you want to pay a little less then you can buy it so that it expires in a week or a day if you wish. Doing it this way will allow you to spend less money on your Internet connection

Deciding between 3G and 4G

You may as well pick 3G because 4G is only available in very specific areas. You will often find that the extra money you pay for a 4G package is not worth it because you can get a very fast download rate with 3G, and if you are not in a 4G covered area, then it reverts back to 3G anyway. If you are thinking about faster download speeds, then you may wish to consider some sort of unlimited download package. These will allow you to download things on a regular occasion and the overall cost will be less than if you were to have signed up for a prepaid wireless Internet package.

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4 responses to “What Is Prepaid Mobile Internet, And How Can It Work For You?”

  1. shivam Avatar

    3G because 4G is only available in very specific areas thank you for sharing good information

  2. Paul Avatar

    Prepaid internet might not be a good choice for me as I am one of those heavy internet users. However I liked the flexibilty it offers, that it you can use the net through your mobile device too. It might help in situations when I am unable to use my home net.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes, you’re right. For someone downloading large data online, PrePaid is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. But for people using small amount of data, it is recommended. Thanks for adding your voice to the TechAtLast Community 🙂

  3. Manish Avatar

    I always wanted to know about pre-paid mobile internet and this article has provided me all the tits and bits of the subject. Thanks for sharing the info.

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