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Free mobile internet launched by Google and Globe Telecoms

(Philippines) – Globe Telecoms operator in the Philippines has taken the first leap in partnership with Google to be the first to provide the country’s residents with free mobile internet through the provision of Google’s services on mobile phones that are internet enabled without charging any amount for data access.

Free Mobile internet in the Philippines

Free Mobile Internet

A program called Free Zone sponsored, has been launched by Globe Telecoms to its prepaid as well as TM subscribers, giving a free mobile internet Google services such as Google Search, Google+, and Gmail on selected smartphones without any charges through libre.ph. You need an internet enabled phone to enjoy this free mobile internet service.

Globe has promised to be online all the time to its subscribed customers and even to the mobile internet users. Over 30 million subscribers on Globe and TM prepaid subscribers will be enjoying the free mobile internet service till it wraps up on 31 March 2013.

The Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe, Peter Bithos said that, Globe’s product and services is all about empowering its subscribers, and the new Free Zone is a prove of this. This service is a Google powered program and it is designed to allow subscribers get updated anyday, anytime, and anywhere without paying a dime. They are able to use Google services without being charged on data.

Another speaker, being the Head of Products, Google Southeast Asia, said, they are committed to make search available to as much people as possible, but it doesn’t make sense making a free search but unable to visit the resource site, therefore, all sites visited through the free mobile internet Google service is part of the promised package. The aims and objective of Free Zone is to show people that mobile internet is a necessity but not a luxury.

With the free mobile internet with Free Zone, you are able to get unrestricted access to:


The service gives you free search through Google to the first page of the searched website. When a further click is made, you are quickly redirected to a page where you can buy a bundle before you continue. In as much as you stay within the Free Zone Territory, you will enjoy a free mobile internet service.


Of course, without a data plan, you are able to receive and send out text emails via Gmail, but when you go ahead to upload or download an attachment, you will get charged accordingly.


Google+ is a social media run by Google where you can share things with people. You can share you thoughts and photos with your peeps and families.

Google had redesigned the Google search, Google+ and Gmail on Free Zone, to display well on selected phone that are not stronger as the smartphone. This free mobile internet software was developed by Google, and Globe made itself available as the flagship operator in the world bringing the Philippinos to the first on the list that will use this service.

How soon do you expect a free mobile internet in your country? 



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