Killer Mobile App Growth Hacks No One Tells You About…But, You Deserve To Know Them

Building an application has become a necessity of time. According to statistics, in the year 2009, the total number of mobile application downloads reached an approximate figure of 2.52 billion while the very next year, it faced a massive boom and almost doubled the figure touching 4.5 billion.

Moving further, the figures multiplied drastically, and the count of downloads touched 224.8 billion in 2016, which is 45 billion more than the year 2015.

The figures narrate the condition of the market and the need of having app for a startup. However, the question here arises that with such a boom in the market, how to survive in the competition?

It isn’t easy to have your target audience’s attention and to keep them with you once they download your application. After a little market study, I have listed 10 hacks that will help you in your app growth. Yes, I am talking about the ‘secret ingredient’ to mobile app growth.

Let us have a look at this 8 killer mobile app growth hacks that no one will tell you:

8 Killer Mobile App Growth Hacks You Need to Know About

killer mobile app growth hacks
Mobile App Growth Hacks: Let us take a look at these eight killer mobile app growth hacks that the whole world are not willing to tell you.

1. Market

This should be the first step. You need to first target your audience. You need to understand that what kind of audience would like to download your application. If you are creating an application for your existing web offering, ask yourself, how your mobile application will ease your user’s experience? Launch the application only if it is adding the blend of ease for your users, or is bringing a new concept.

You need to plan, design, and present your mobile application based on your users only.

2. Finalize a name

Finalizing a name for your application is a crucial decision and often takes a lot of time. An idle application name is the one which clicks into your user’s brain at once. Apart from this, it should be descriptive also. The name should also reflect the image of application it belongs to, for example, Notability, valet, MyFitnessPal etc.

You can see that these names are short, easy to remember, and they also portray their brand’s identity nicely. You need to keep these aspects in mind while finalizing name of your mobile application. Always remember, the name of an application isn’t just a formality done to create an identity, but it’s as important as features in your mobile application.

3. App store optimization

Last year a study was conducted, the purpose was to find out; how users in the United States found the last application they downloaded. The end result was one-sided. 53% android users and 47% iOS users said that they found the application through the respective app stores.

The study clearly implies that users do surf the app stores to find what’s new. This is where app-store optimization is needed. You need to optimize your application so that its ranking improves in the search results. You can use keywords, titles, description, Reviews etc. to optimize your application.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Before you ask, how SEO will help in application growth, let me share the answer. The study that we recently shared featured the third largest group of people who said that they came to know about the application they downloaded last through the web. The replies, however, were mixed while few said, they searched for it, other learned by reading about it.

You can optimize your site for same. If you don’t have one than you might like to get a microsite in order to get the desired results.

5.  Push Notifications

The need of time is to stay in touch with your users. To get this done, Push Notifications are indeed a better way.

The need of time is to stay in touch with your users. To get this done, Push Notifications are indeed a better way. Reponsys recently conducted a survey of 1200 adults and excavated that seven out of every ten of them enable push notifications for the applications they have downloaded.

This indeed is a good news and also the time to start working and interacting through push notifications.

6. Promo-codes

Irrespective of the fact that your application is already out in app world or is about to enter, make sure you are offering promo codes to your existing and new customers. This is a great way, to not only call for new users but also to keep them glued to your application.

You can conduct promotional activities on different websites in which, you can offer promo code with a call to action. Also, you can offer these codes to your existing users to renew or up-sell the package.

7. Remove negative reviews

I accept this might sound like a true ‘hack’ but believe me, if someone rates your application with less than 3 stars, remove the review. However, later you’ll have to fix the bugs and crashes, so as to not repeat the same thing.

Hide your loops from outsiders but at the back-end work on its improvement. Our article here talks more about handling negative reviews. Reading it surely going to be useful because it covers some other killer mobile app growth hacks that’d be helpful to your business.

8. Update smartly

The last point of the day is a suggestion linked with updating your application. Users like updates, only until the time the released updates have something really good to offer, but how they’ll get to know about the same without using the update?

For this, you need to present your app update smartly. Keep it attractive and briefly described.


These were the top 8 hacks for your mobile app growth. I accept that the competition in app world is rising with a great speed, but a smarter step can definitely make you through and achieve the target you’ve planned. So, do not hustle, nor try to follow the herd. Your success story should be as personalized as the application you are offering. Put these killer mobile app growth hacks into action today and see your app topping the chart week in week out.

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